Monday, November 2, 2015

I Promise that these are different crawfish!

I just found these pictures already loaded and realized that I never blogged about them!  Our son and daughter-in-law had a crawfish boil sometime this last year!!  Their dog, Riley, was fascinated by those crawfish.  These are not the crawfish from the lake at the farm!

Just FYI - this is a lot of crawfish --  A LOT!

They also bought beverages.  I'll bet that you thought I was showing you the view and the beautiful day.

They played cornhole with the set that we gave to Glenn last year.  A local guy had posted on one of the community pages on facebook that he made custom cornhole sets.  I bought one for Glenn and it is really nice.  Riley thought they were throwing those bean bags JUST for her.

Let me just tell you that this food was so hot it burned my mouth!! Whew!  It was a fun evening and we enjoyed getting to know some of their friends!!

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