Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Patriotic Wreath

I decided that I wanted to make some patriotic wreaths this year.  In our neighborhood, folks decorate for every holiday and I LOVE that!!  I had seen a blog entry a while back about using a foam pool noodle and duct tape as the base for a wreath and I thought to myself, "what the heck?  I saw some for a dollar at . . .wait for it . . .guess where???  The dollar Tree!  So I went to the Dollar Tree and proceeded to spend $46 or some unbelievable amount.  I must admit it was fun.  I have three doors and they all need a wreath.  I've made two . .. the other one still has a great big E on it.

So buy your supplies.  Some of the supplies are pictured at the bottom of this post.  You will need a pool noodle, some duct tape, some sort of wrap around material - leis, garland, etc.  You will also want some decorations, I am sure!

So make a circle with the pool noodle and tape it tightly together at the joint. Take the tape out several inches on each side.  Make sure it is stuck together really well (one of mine is and the other is moving into a oval shape!)  I think I might find some sort of stabilizer and put it in the hole on each end with some glue next time.  Wonder what I could use?  I'll google that!!

When you have a circle, start wrapping your garland or leis around the wreath form.  I made one for the front door using red, blue, and silver garland.  The one on the garage door is made out of red, white and blue leis.  I think I like it better actually.  I wrapped this one totally and then went back with the glue gun and tucked in some loose ends and put a dab of glue on those end.  I glued the leis as I went and I burned my fingers so many times that I actually lost count - you know - where you actually make blisters???  Pool noodles melt where the hot glue hits so I would push the flower down into the hole and the hot glue would stick to my finger.  I didn't do this just ONE time - I did it MULTIPLE times.  I should have learned the very first time!!!!  I used some left over red pipe cleaners (or I believe they call them chenille stems or something these days!!) to attach the big items.  I used my handy dandy single hole punch and punched a hole in each side of the hat and inserted the red pipe cleaners.  I then wrapped around to the back side and attached to the wreath. I slipped a pipe cleaner through the back of the bow and attached it the same way.  The curly cue above the bow had a short stem - like for a flower arrangement - and I just crammed it down into the foam of the noodle.  Everything on the wreath came from the dollar tree!  I think I used 7 or 9 three packs of garland - it took more than I thought!


Here is a picture of a few of my supplies!

Here is an up close shot of the wreath.  I think it is pretty darn cute!  I LOVE creating things!!


It was so hard to get a picture without a reflection of some part of my body in the door!  I think I finally managed it!

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  1. These turned out great! Please post a picture of the one you did using the leis, I would love to see it, too! Did you wrap them all entirely with duck tape before you got started decorating them?
    We miss you on Odum Crest and will definitely stop by this summer to play!
    - Leslie