Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Baby Boy Rimmer Shower

There are certain stages of life.  You know - child, adolescent, teenager, young adult.  I believe that I am in the shower stage of life.  Over the last few years, we've had fun at all sorts of bridal showers and NOW we are hosting baby showers!!  About five years ago, several of us hosted a baby shower for a friend's grandbaby.  It was a pink explosion.  This shower was for a little boy (due in August) and it was all blue and green and mustaches and booties.  The mommy is the daughter of my very best friend in the world.  I still remember when Amy was born!!

I used my silhouette to make the invitations.  I made onesies and printed the invitations right onto the card stock and I glued bowties on each one.  I really enjoyed using my silhouette for lots of projects for this shower.

I made a mustache and bowtie banner for the mirror right inside the front door.  I even hung it in the shape of a mustache.  The whole time I was making all these things (and even today as I type the word!) I kept (and keep) saying moooostache.  Who knows why but it is stuck in my head!!

The tray in the center help party favors - chocolate mustache suckers and on the bottom of the tray, were bowties for everyone to wear during the party.  I didn't use the silhouette to make those but had fun making them!!

The garland hanging across the front of the chest is actually clothespins with paper bowties attached.  We played that old game - if you say the word baby, the person who heard you could take your clothespin.  The one with the most clothespins wins.

Here is the table in progress.  I had a bunch of blue tablecloths that I purchased for Kaylor and Sarah's shower (I could have sworn that I blogged about that shower but I can't find it!!).  (found a couple of pictures -- you can see why I had navy tablecloths for Kaylor and Sarah-- auburn colors!!)

Since I had lots of blue tablecloths, it was easy to use those and add those pops of green.

I typed up the instructions for the games.  Amy wanted to play games, so we did!!  I googled baby shower games and OH MY GOODNESS -- there are some crazy games out there . . .once involved a plunger between one's legs - I'm laughing again as I think about it!!  Needless to say, we played SAFE games.

I printed the directions for the clothespins and bowties in color on card stock and put them in white picture frames from At Home.

Here is a picture of the party favors -- I had never made chocolate molded candy before.  That was fun, too!  I don't know what we did before YOUTUBE - I love watching directions on how to do things.

Here are some of the cute bowties

Close up of the three tiered tray that my sister-in-law loaned to me!!

The baby Rimmer banner was onesies with regular ties.  I used three big puff balls on the mantle.

I used lots of green and blue tulle on the dining room table.  The menu was:
Big Manwiches (Hawaiian rolls with pimento cheese or Hawaiian rolls with chicken salad -- I didn't make dainty sandwiches because these were MANwiches!!)
Cheese straws (if you aren't from the south, you might not know about cheese straws - yum!)
Bow tie fruit -- two strawberries (pointed end to the middle) with one blueberry in between on a skewer
Bow Tie pasta salad
Baker's Brownies (my friend, Jeanne, has a business - oh they are good!!)
Iced sugar cookies (made from Mark's favorite recipe) - cut into - want to guess???? Bowties!!!!  Want to guess what color icing?  Blue and Green!

I also took clear plastic cups and stuck on a furry mustache.  I cut organic carrots into long narrow pieces and I cut celery the same way.  I put a dollop (nice sized) in the bottom of the cup and then stacked the carrots and celery on their ends (stand them up).

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