Friday, November 29, 2013


I scheduled Stanley Steemer to come to our house on Wednesday (the day before Thanksgiving) to clean our carpets and to clean our tile floor in the master bathroom.  I don't remember the last time we had our floors cleaned and they were beginning (actually, they were waaaay past) to look bad.  I swear - going back to work keeps me from doing all sorts of things that I used to do . . .of course, I've been working almost ten years now!   So . . .when I was booking the appointment for Stanley Steemer to come, I noticed that they also had the ability to clean tile floors and grout.  I decided since they were going to be here anyway . . .

I scheduled a day of vacation (which was nice because that means that I am off for FIVE WHOLE DAYS!!) and awaited the arrival of Mr. Stanley Steemer.  He arrived right on time (between 8 and 12 - it would be really hard to screw that up when you have a four hour window of time!!).  I was his second stop so he arrived quite early which was wonderful!!  He cleaned the upstairs carpets and then came downstairs to start of the bathroom.  I wanted to watch (I know that probably drives people crazy!!) so I just happened to be folding clothes in the adjoining bedroom.

Stanley Steemer has no idea that I am writing about them.  I am not being compensated in any way, form or fashion (though if they read this and offered something free, I would take it - hee hee!). 

I was amazed at the difference in our bathroom floor . . .and a little horrified that the grout was so dirty.  The floor is mopped at least once a week . . .how could it be that dirty?  But it was . . .

Of course, I was talking to Mr. Stanley Steemer.  Didn't you expect that from me?  I told him that I was amazed at the difference and he said . . .and I quote, "Ma'am - if you had not waited so long to call us, I could have gotten it even cleaner."  I looked at him and said, "I had no idea you could have it professionally cleaned until I saw it on your website!"  He looked at me as if I had sprouted horns.  I really didn't know that the "carpet cleaners" could clean your 'TILE'!!!  He said, "Yes ma'am - we will even come out and clean your car!!"  I said, "WHAT?"  Did you know that you can pay Stanley Steemer and they will send someone out to clean the inside of your car - carpets and upholstery?  Have I been living under a dadgum rock?????  I guess I have just been living under a layer of filth.  No - I did not hire him to clean my car . . .nor my hardwood floors (yes, they will clean those, too!!)

Look at his funky boots.  I did not ask him if those were official carpet cleaning boots . . .but I really wanted to ask that question!!!!!

Look at that nasty grout!!  It looked like we had gray grout . . .we didn't!!

Look how much better the grout was looking - and he wasn't even finished yet!  I did finally leave him alone and stopped taking pictures . . .but not before I knew his whole life story!!  He was married for 11 years - has four kids - the oldest is 15???  The next in line is 13 ????  He is divorced now and said he didn't think he would ever get married again (think he had a bad marriage,  perhaps??).  He was planning to serve pizza for Thanksgiving.  Yes, we discussed that . . .and I wanted to cry when he told me that.  He did say he had his kids for Thanksgiving and of course, I said, "Oh kids love pizza - they will probably be thrilled! . . .when I was really trying to figure out how to invite him to the family party.  Just typing that makes me laugh out loud - we've brought all sorts of friends to Thanksgiving but I think my mother-in-law might draw the southern bell line in the sand if I called her and said, "oh by the way . . .I invited Mr. Stanley Steemer and his four children to YOUR house for Thanksgiving dinner."  Yet . . .I kept thinking about that scripture . . .about inviting those to the table . . .but, alas, it wasn't my table to invite.  Now you might be wondering how he and I got to discussing Thanksgiving and menus, right?  He said that my house smelled good - I was cooking the wonderful apple and cranberry casserole that we ate last night.  It does smell (and taste!) quite divine.

So after all this rambling, if you have tile that needs a good cleaning and you have tried everything (I had even scrubbed it with a toothbrush, lest you think I'm a dirty person!!), call Stanley Steemer!!  Our bathroom is quite large and it was about $109 -  he cleaned it with his machine twice and then HE GOT ON HIS HANDS AND KNEES and applied a clear sealer to the grout . . .ON HIS HANDS AND KNEES.  I rest my case - it was well worth $109.  Oh - they only take cash or credit cards . . .and they don't carry any change (at all!) . . .so Stanley Steemer got an extra dollar from me this week!

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