Thursday, November 7, 2013


I love creating/crafting/sewing things.  Those hobbies are the things that keep me sane!  I've been so stressed and tired and kind of sad over the last few weeks that I decided to spend more time doing things I love.  I've been getting up and taking the time to pray in the mornings and I've been drinking more water and I've been creating.  As I typed that last sentence, I realized that you do not see any water in these pictures . . .there is something red and delicious in the little green polka dot glass.  My new favorite is Sparkling Cranberry Juice . . .with a splash or two :-)  You can also see a diet Pepsi bottle . . .and if you look closely, you can see starburst - empty wrappers and also some to be unwrapped.

I have a scrapbook/sewing space upstairs but I haven't wanted to be up there . . .too far from the heart of our home . . .or something.  So . . . .I've been making a big mess in the living room.  Poor Mark - on Monday nights, he has to fold up the 8 foot table and drag it down the basement steps . . . We then have the young adults over on Tuesday night.  On Wednesday night, I ask nicely, "will you please bring the table back upstairs?  I'll help carry it."  Of course, he never lets me help carry.  He's a good man!!  Yes, I know that the kitchen table is right there but when I create on the kitchen table . . .we have to eat in the dining room . . .which is really silly  - two people at a giant table . . . We would feel like Richey Rich or something equally absurd . . .or we have to eat in our laps.  I don't like eating in my lap unless it is pizza or other finger foods.  The cat has a blanket covering his portion of the sofa and he likes to sit there and peek over the top of the sofa.  He hasn't jumped up on this table.  He usually wants to lie down and take a nap on the computer keyboard.

Look at all those computer cords . . .I see an I-phone cord and a silhouette cord along with a power cord.  My laptop has no battery . . .none.  It shuts down in about 5 seconds.  Thank God for power plugs!!  I think I was loading pictures from my phone.  Last weekend, I used the table for creating . . . and for writing a blog post . . .and for typing my Sunday School lesson.  Pretty practical, right?
My friend, Robin, over at My Quilted Nest loves to create also -- she makes quilts (bet you couldn't guess that from her blog name!!)  My daughter and daughter-in-law both love to create, too.  You can check out some of Lauren's creations on her blog -- Simply Free.
What makes you happy?  Do you create?  Sew?  Write poetry?  Paint?
It is cold here today . . .and I was smart and put homemade vegetable beef soup ingredients in the crockpot this morning.  I'm going to make some cornbread when I get home from work.  What are you having for supper??
This blog post is all over the place.  Two questions . . .what makes you happy?  What are you having for supper?

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