Thursday, May 9, 2013

A whole month of fishing at the farm

I am married to a man who loves fishing. I knew that when I married him.  Several of our "dates" were spent in a boat or a canoe.  Since I love to soak up the sun I never minded an hour or two but he would want to stay all day long in the boat.  As I've aged (didn't I say that gracefully?), I am even more prone to motion sickness and sometime I even have a hard time riding around the lake in a ski boat much less sitting in a fishing boat all day.  Thank goodness for other men who love to fish and thank goodness for a lake at the farm!! 

Mark has been enjoying the lake at the farm this year and I am so glad because this lake has given him much worry (and still will because he is such a worrier).  Our friend, Hayden, drove down from Nashville and he and Mark spent several days at the farm.  They caught fish and talked and drank beer and who knows what else (I'm not sure I want to know).

This is our friend, Hayden.  He looks like a happy man.  I love how his jacket matches the fish and the water - couldn't have planned a better wardrobe selection!!

Here is another faithful fishing companion . . .George!  Surely a man's identical twin brother should be a good fishing companion!

How about a son?  Look at the size of that fish?  It is a monster!!  Glenn and Mark fished together a couple of weekends ago.  Mark loves that Glenn is living back in Birmingham.  I don't believe I have ever seen anyone miss someone so much as he missed his boy.  We've been blessed to have Laura close to home and have enjoyed seeing her at least once a week - most weeks two times.  Now we are loving have all three (counting our sweet daughter-in-law) of them in town!

I know . . .and have always known that Mark needs to "run away" to the farm.  He sits at a desk all day long every day crunching numbers and keeping up with important stuff.  He is an outdoor man and needs to spend time outdoors in order to be happy.  I'm so glad that we have the farm and that he has friends and a brother and son with whom to fish.  Who knows?  I might take up fishing in my old age!!

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