Friday, April 5, 2013

When is YOUR birthday?

Last Sunday at lunch, we were all laughing about dates of actual birthdays . . .and we couldn't name everyone's actual date BECAUSE we celebrate all birthdays on Sundays at Grandmother's house.  Everyone's birthday is on a Sunday . . .so we might know that Mark and George and Bill all celebrate in August . . .but on which Sunday will we celebrate?  Does that even make sense or did you have to be a part of the actual discussion?

Well, what brought up the whole discussion was that Aunt Rebecca's birthday actually fell on a Sunday this year!!!  So we celebrated on her actual birthday - a true rarity in this in-law family of mine.  Rebecca is my sister-in-law - married to Mark's brother, Bill.  Rebecca is allergic to latex and gluten and her diet is very limited but Grandmother will not allow that to deter her . . .she is going to find a cake that works . . . and can be eaten by the birthday person.  Grandmother has a recipe for a crustless cheesecake that is delicious!!!  Others in the family have actually requested this cheesecake for various occasions.

We don't put the correct number of candles on any cake.  Ladies usually have 16 - sweet sixteen forever - on their cakes once they pass a certain age.  The boys only get about 3.  I can't even remember what that stands for - past, present and future, perhaps?
Aunt Rebecca didn't blow all of them out at once.  Look in the mirror . . .you can see Mark with his hands on his hips - looking like he wants to help!!!
She got them all with a second breath.
Now if you gave up and stopped reading earlier . . .you missed the funniest part of this post. By the time we got to the cake portion of the celebration, everyone had already gone on their merry way except for Mark and George and Grandmother and me. The kids all had things to do that afternoon and Bill and Rebecca are usually late arrivals and Glenn, Laura and Lauren were not able to stay any longer. Grace & Alice were out of town so they weren't with us that day. When it came time to sing happy birthday, I said, "Oh no! There is no one left to sing." Well, Mark and George decided that they could do a good job all by themselves and on the spur of the moment, they started singing Happy Birthday to some other tune and doing some funky dance all around the dining room. My mouth dropped open watching these two men - almost 60 years old - I was laughing so hard that I was crying AND I DIDN'T THINK TO VIDEO THEIR PERFORMANCE. I swear it would win $10,000 on America's Funniest Videos. . . if only I had captured it on film. Those two never cease to amaze me. I guess that is one of the reasons I fell in love with Mark and have stayed in love with him - he is just so dadgum funny at times. Being middle-aged doesn't stop the fun . . .no, no it doesn't . . . and I sure do love to laugh! I was thinking that I had veered off the subject of "Rebecca's birthday" here at the end of the post but as I scrolled back to the top I realized . . .this post started with laughter and ended with laughter. Just like my life!!

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