Tuesday, April 23, 2013

mini me and the hunt for the beaters

Dadgum it . . .I was on a roll . . .I was blogging every few days . . .even if it was about "unimportant stuff." Then life happened. Sometimes life just happens. That is a good thing! I was talking to another middle aged mom at a wedding tea on Sunday afternoon and she and I agreed with each other that we are both busier now than we have ever been . . .and we have no little kids at home. How could that be? Life is good. It really is.

Life is busy but there is always time to try a new recipe . . .but first I had some trouble.  I received a cute red "mini me" (my name for this appliance - not the company's name for it) hand mixer by Kitchen Aid for Christmas - either from George or Alice or Grace - one of them had my name.  I wanted to use it to mix up the icing for the strawberry cake that I was baking.  I got out the body of the mixer but I COULD NOT find the beaters anywhere.  You have to understand that the mixer stays in the same place all the time - the hand mixer and the electric knife and the beaters and the blades - all right there together.  Where the beaters should have been, there was a pair of cute little whisky things still in plastic but I kept insisting, "No, I've used this mixer.  I know it has regular beaters.  Where did we put them?"  Glenn and Mark got a flashlight and looked in every cabinet and took out every pot and pan and I looked in every drawer and we could not find the beaters.  We had been looking at least 30 minutes and my sweet daughter-in-law, Lauren, sauntered into the kitchen.  She had been sitting in the room right next to us and she could hear us banging around.  She asked if she could help.  We told her the story and she picked up the little red mini-me mixer and said, "Are you sure you've used this?"  As she asked the question, she held up the plug which still had the factory plastic on it!!!  Oops . . .all that searching.  So . . .those little tiny whisky looking things (you know - like whisks) are the beaters!!!!!  Mark had left the room when we realized this and Glenn said, "We won't say anything.  You don't have to tell dad."  Of course, I did.  Boy, did I feel silly!! I still can't get over  how tiny they are!!!!

You can see why I call it "mini me" . . .this is the "BIG" mixer.  I love both of my red mixers.  I usually don't want appliances for gifts but I LOVE both of these and have used the BIG one often.  I thought I had used the little one . . .but evidently not!!
Tomorrow I will share the recipe!!!

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