Thursday, February 16, 2012

Holiday Shower

Wedding showers are so much fun, aren't they? I was privileged to be a hostess for a Holiday Shower for a friend's daughter. The party was during January and we had so much fun!!  The party was at our friend, Donna's home, and she did a great job with decorations along with a couple of other hostesses.  They decorated the dining room for Easter.  Look at these baskets they got from the local wholesale florist.  One is a basket and one is a purse!!!!

Aren't those gorgeous tulips?

We served the food from the dining room.  Since we are good southern girls, we used our pretty silver and other pretty serving pieces.

The breakfast table was decorated for Valentine's Day . . .with sweetheart roses and a cute Valentine tree.

The entry hall was decorated for Halloween.  I think Gerbera daisies are one of my all time favorite flowers!!

The bride received some great gifts.  She opened gifts in the den which was decorated for Christmas.

We had an excellent menu - breakfast casseroles and cheese grits and little buttery biscuits with smoked ham. We also served a hot fruit dish and sweet rolls. We served Mimosas and coffee and water to drink. I volunteered to wash dishes because that is just a good place for me! For some reason, I actually enjoy washing dishes at a party!!

One of the other hostesses is a minister's wife. She and I were comparing our stories from working in the church and she said, "I hate people who always have to top everyone else's story . . .but I just have to do so." She then proceeded to tell the funniest story I think I have ever heard. I laughed until I cried. I'm debating whether to tell it on here or not. I guess it will be ok. I hope I do it justice!! She said that their home phone rang one day and it was a church member - a lady in her mid 70's. She asked to speak to the minister. When he answered the phone, his wife said all he was saying was, "hmmm. ok. hmmm." When he hung up, she asked him, "what in the world did she want?" Well . . . . . .evidently the lady's husband (mid 70's - remember?) had recently had an implant to enhance their marital activities. I'm trying to keep this "G" rated. This implant had a pump of some sort. They were planning to participate in the aforementioned marital activity . . .and the pump somehow malfunctioned and "things" were left in a very enhanced state. I hope y'all have good imaginations and are filling in the blanks in your minds!!!!! She was embarrassed to take her husband to the emergency room because people would talk and would know that they had been participating in aforementioned activity. So . . . .she was calling her PREACHER to ask HIM to drive her husband to the hospital emergency room. I cannot imagine calling my preacher about that. I would rather tell the doctor in the ER than tell my preacher. Well, anyway back to the story. Minister's wife said to minister, "you can't take him to the hospital. People might see y'all and then see his "condition" and think y'all are/were together." (how sad but we all know how things like that get blown out of proportion - hahaha - sorry - couldn't help myself!! -- read the sentence again if you didn't get it). As I washed those dishes, I said, "What in the world did your husband (the minister) do???" She said that he called a friend who worked at the hospital and told him to meet them at the ER entrance. He literally drove his car up to the ER door. . . let the man out and drove off. Now this story may not be nearly as funny as you read the typed word but let me tell you . . .it was funny when she told it. I think that is one of the things that I love about women - our storytelling to each other. I had never met this other hostess before co-hosting this party together . . .and we experienced good soul-cleansing laughter together!! . . . the bride probably never knew!!

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