Saturday, February 18, 2012


Mark and I love Mexican food.  I swear - I think I could eat rice and beans and chips and salsa every day.  Those foods are at the top of my favorites list!!  Mark and I also love our friends!! We don't get to spend nearly enough time with our friends!! We met Gary & Dona and Guy & Phella at a local Mexican restaurant a few weeks ago (I am at least blogging about things that have happened in this calendar year now!!) -- I love the decor at the Iguana Grill. It is just too fun!!  In the background is a table - with a tree in the middle of the table . . .with lights all in the tree.

These cool lights were hanging from the ceiling above our table.

What does Gary see?  I have no earthly idea but he might have been looking at some of the decorations.  Mark is chuckling.

Good evening!! Food, fellowship, fun and friends - can't have a better mix (oh and I think I had a margarita)!!

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