Monday, January 30, 2012

Christmas morning

I added lots of pictures to my blog site yesterday so . . .maybe I will remember to write some posts. I have to report to the courthouse tomorrow morning at 8:30 . . .my first time to possibly serve as a juror. I'm not sure I want to go . . .but I'll have my Iphone at least and a book . . .

Total change of subject . . . here is our christmas tree. I thought that our tree was beautiful. We've been buying our tree for years from the Boy Scout troop near our house. I purchased some tinsel this year for use in a project and afterwards I decided to put it on the tree. Reminded me of my childhood!!  I had some great wrapping paper.  I love buying the good wrapping paper from one of the school kids.

Glenn gave us a good list this year . . .here he is opening one of his presents.  We make gift lists in our family and if you don't make a good list . . .you get really random presents.  Glenn made a good list.
This was our first Christmas morning . . .with Lauren!!   She is a wonderful addition to our family!!  I've heard horror stories about other daughter-in-laws . . .I'm glad that Lauren is our daughter-in-law!!  She made a good list also!!

It seems like we have one really fun and quirky gift every year.  Laura wanted a pink snorkel . . .can you tell that she made a list??
and pink flippers!!!  Aren't they cute?
I'm not sure what Mark is opening but I love the look on his face!!
I feel so blessed!!

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  1. I miss tinsel. I can remember it glimmering on my tree as a little girl. Looks like you had a great holiday.