Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Christmas decorations 2011

I know this is a silly post . . lots of mine are . . .but this is a "point of reference" post for me. Next year I will try to remember what decorations I used and I won't be able to remember so . . sure come in handy!!

This was new this year . . .as our family grows, I can't get all of the stockings to stay on the mantle.  Last year all of the decorations fell off because of the weight.  I was very thankful that my sister and I were standing there and we caught it!!  This worked really well!!

I loved the front door decorations.  When I was in Fairhope, all of the shops had this wonderful "screenlike" wide "ribbon" - I loved using it on the front door.
We spray painted the containers for our little trees.  They were white and they just didn't look that great.  It always amazes me what a can of spray paint can accomplish.

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