Sunday, August 21, 2011

Dreaming . . .and coveting????

If you know me, you know that I love to cook and entertain. I have a functional kitchen but I would love a HUGE kitchen with an island and granite countertops and one of these stoves . . .in red!! Isn't it wonderful? My stove would match my mixer!!  Look at the picture - they even have a dutch oven . . .and it is red!!

I found the picture with the red stove on pinterest . . .so it is a "dreaming" picture . ..but look at this picture.  This is my friend, Kim's, new kitchen.  Isn't it beautiful?  She has the stove . . .but it is not red!!  When I see the picture from pinterest, I dream.  Seeing this kitchen in real life makes me covet . . .which is a dadgum sin!  I'm actually thrilled for Kim - so glad that she has this dream kitchen (see more pics below) but I want one, too!!  I could just blow the back off my house and gut my kitchen and make it bigger and better and I could make the family room larger and on top of all that, we could add a bathroom upstairs for Becky!!  Did you see how quickly I switched from coveting to dreaming????
Look at the island . .. it is 12 feet long . . .ahhhh!  I can seat 20 at my kitchen table and dining room table.  Imagine (I'm dreaming!) if I had this kitchen and family room.  I love dreaming!  It is kind of fun!!


  1. It’s true that formica countertops are cheaper than the others. Their price basically depends on the edge style, pattern, backsplash and installation cost. The latest innovation on this material is replicating the appear of a lot of natural stones which include granite and marble.

  2. That kitchen looks so pretty! I am so interesting in installing Granite Countertops in my New Jersey home but they are just so darn expensive. I came across this faux granite idea though that I am definitely going to have to look into trying! Hope it works since real granite countertops are just so expensive!

  3. Your friend has a beautiful kitchen. I love the granite countertops. I'm redoing my kitchen now and I cant wait for it to be done.