Sunday, May 15, 2011

Backyard Fishing

I married a man who L.O.V.E.S. to fish. His mother said that when he was a little bitty boy he would say "fish fish" even when he saw a mud puddle. Over the years, he and Glenn perfected their fishing techniques in our back yard (which has NO water). When Glenn was a young boy, he and Mark would plan their "backyard fishing show" . . .I think they even had a theme song!! They were going to be the "next big" fishing show. So now Glenn has grown up and is married and has moved four hours away but look what I saw when I looked out the window last weekend. Mark was "backyard fishing" once again. He and Glenn would practice their casting with regular rods and reels (if Mark were at home today I would ask him what they are actually called . . .casting rods?). On this day, Mark was practicing his fly fishing.

I decided to practice my "sports" setting on my camera. I was amazed at how the camera was fast enough to "catch" (no pun intended since he was "fishing") the action.

All of that whipping around of the line was actually very fast but in these photos it looks as if it was one step at a time. I did capture one photo where Mark messed up the cast . . .he said, "don't put that picture on your blog!" I'm sorry to report that no fish were caught on this day. After looking at these pictures, I realize that I MUST buy a zoom lens this summer. I thought that I would be able to use the one that I already own but it doesn't have the "anti shake" (not correct terminology) feature and I can't get a clear picture.

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