Saturday, November 6, 2010

"Feed um" ministry

Our Sunday School class (John Wesley at Trinity UMC) has participated in a ministry for many many years. As a matter of fact, I think we are their longest running supporters :-) Every Thursday at Children's Hospital, there is a support group for parents of kids with cancer. Volunteers feed that group each week. Our class feeds them on the first Thursday of every month. We used to cook the whole meal for them and would try to make the meal really special. The wonderful health department has put a stop to home-cooking though so now we have to order from a restaurant. Linda, Angela and I were the "feed um" team for this past Thursday. We ordered from Kairos Katering. Kairos Katering has an incredible story also. The chef was in prison and did a lot of cooking. When he got out, he was attending the church that meets in an old restaurant (Ollie's BBQ). He knew that the kitchen was still there and he asked if he could open a restaurant. So . . .a church meets in one part of the building and there is a restaurant in the other part. I took a picture of their sign for you to see that blue sky!!
Traffic was horrible on the UAB campus. University Hospital, Children's Hospital, Cooper Green (mercy) hospital and UAB (college) are all right together so you can imagine traffic during rush hour!!
To me, Children's Hospital is a beautiful facility.

They have little red wagons in the lobby. The wagons are actually for the children. The parents can pull the children through the hospital. Those wagons come in handy for transporting dinner also.

Isn't the facility lovely? There were volunteers all over the place setting up a forest of Christmas trees that will be decorated by local companies and organizations. From the moment I drive up in front of the hospital to unload each time, my life is put in perspective - quickly!! Everywhere you look are parents who are exhausted, children who are sick and hurting, doctors and nurses hurrying to the next patient. I've followed caringbridge sites for several children - some who are doing well and some who are now with Jesus. I "see" them on each face.

I took a picture of these fish because I wanted Mark to see them. There is a huge school of fish swimming right through the lobby.
I think Guy is the one who gave our ministry the name "feed um" . . .We feed them nourishing comfort food for the evening and Chaplain Paul "feeds" them with the love of Jesus.

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