Friday, July 24, 2009

prayers for sanity . . . what?

I love being a wife and mother. I honestly do. Then there are those mornings like today. Actually, I guess it started on Wednesday night. Glenn is in Arkansas and is so ready to come home. He called and we talked for a long time and it just made my heart hurt for that big ole 22 year old boy who is so tired from staying up half the night with campers. BUT it also made me feel good that he wanted to call and talk to his parents. This is the "boy" who has been at Auburn for four years and we've had to beg him to come home once a semester and who called us only once every couple of weeks because he knew we "expected" at least that. So that was Wednesday night after a full day of working and then facilitating a Bible/book study at church . . .phone call. Then this morning, the phone rings early. It is Laura (our other 22 year old - yes - they are twins). She is house/dog sitting this week and has to go to Auburn tomorrow to finish her move home and she is lead teaching next week (internship at Harris Early Learning Center) and she has an interview for grad school next week. Yes - she is stressed and Yes - it is a stressful time in her life. I understand all that and am praying for her. Sometimes I wish I could wave a magic wand and make it all easy for them. But if I did that, would they grow? Probably not. There is a cartoon in the paper today and the little kids think their mom might be magic - I guess even as a middle aged mom muddling through, I'm still supposed to be able to produce "mommy magic." When our kids were little, if anything hurt, I would rub my hand gently over the boo boo and say, "mommy magic. mommy magic. makes it all better." The problem is that today's "boo boos" and hard times don't respond as well to mommy magic. The thing that I do know and have faith in, is Jesus Christ and his grace. Not magic. Grace. As a middle aged mom, I ask that God watch over both my sweet "children" and give them courage and strength and wisdom so that they might become the man and woman that God wants them to be. Yes - this is a rambling post. Yes - that is that state of my mind. Yes - God hears and cares about the ramblings of a middle aged mom and he cares about her "children."

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  1. Great post, Lisa. I'm finding it hard to handle as McKenna gets older and she begins forging her own life. I can see it coming...the day when she doesn't feel the need to talk to me everyday.