Saturday, June 6, 2009

Today is one of those gorgeous summer days that I love so much! The sky is blue, the sun is shining and I keep thinking about the verse, "This is the day that the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it." So often, we feel like we need a special reason to rejoice. Since my mom died right after her 50th birthday, I've always felt that each day is a day for rejoicing. Sometimes I get so caught up in the "yuck" of the world, that I forget. Sometimes I react to things too quickly and get mad or frustrated. Instead I should just keep focusing on God - this is his day and he made me and I am alive and well and happy. This is truly the day that God has made.

This morning Laura and I ran lots of errands. A friend had given me a gift card to Kohl's. That was our first stop. It is always more fun to spend someone else's money (thanks Ann!!). I bought a cute yellow purse. My everyday purse is a wonderful name brand purse that Mark gave me for Christmas and I carry it all the time but it seems so heavy right now. If I knew how to put pictures in here, I would show you . . .but I don't. Then we went to the Summit. Laura needed a dress to wear to a wedding rehearsal in a couple of weeks. She wanted to look at Old Navy because they had advertised their dresses for $15. We were disappointed - they had about three dresses and they would have been shirts on Laura's wonderful 5' 11" frame. So then we went to Belk and we found a great dress at Belk. Laura has a very classic style - that Jackie-O look and we found just the right little black dress. Actually in between those stops we went to BBB - since Glenn and Laura are that "graduating from college" age, we seem to be buying millions of wedding gift. Laura found a cute gift to take to the shower on Sunday. Our last stop of the morning was at the Hoover library. I needed more books to take to the beach next week. I think my goal will be to read a book a day . . . .as I soak up some rays.

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  1. What books are you reading?

    I read so much more in the Summer and I am loving all the books I've been reading lately!