Sunday, June 23, 2024

Sunday Stealing Stolen from SwapBot

I'm joining up with the Sunday Stealing gang!! Stolen from SwapBot

1. Are you double jointed? One of my thumbs is double jointed.

2. Are you ticklish? A little.

3. Cookies, cakes, or donuts? I don't eat sweets, but if I did, my choice would be icing!

4. Did you go to prom?  I did not. I had a boyfriend, but we decided not to go. I regret that. It is not a huge regret, but I still wish I had gone.

5. Do you bite your nails? NO!

6. Do you enjoy dancing? I've never been a good dancer. After a beverage or two, Mark and I have been known to dance a litt.e

7. Do you forgive easily? It depends. I try to forgive because not forgiiving hurts me more than the other person. There are some things you never forget. You definitely should forgive, but some wrongs don't need to be forgotten for self-preservation.

8. Do you prefer to bathe or shower? Shower! We actually had a large tub ripped out of our bathroom during the re-build.

old bathroom with tub

new bath without tub

9. Does your name have any special meaning? My mother always said jokingly that I was named after the Mona Lisa. I just looked it up and Lisa is "God is my oath." This meaning comes from the Hebrew name Elisheba, which was the name of Aaron's wife in the Old Testament. Elisheba was later abbreviated to Elizabeth, and Lisa is a diminutive form of Elizabeth. I wonder . . . .my mom's middle name was Elizabeth and that is the first name of one of my sisters, even though she goes by her middle name. I wonder if my mom knew that Lisa was a diminutive form of Elizabeth. That would mean I'm named after her.

10. Have you ever gone camping? I have been camping at least two times. Two times when single - one was with our singles group from church and we camped at Mt. Cheaha. Another time was with a guy I was dating (Murphy Seale - blast from the past - I wonder if he is still alive??) and I think we were in Chattanooga and we were there to watch a hang gliding competition.

11. Have you ever won something? I've won several things. When I was in my early 20's, I won a prize on the radio call in show. A limo picked me up at my apartment (along with a date) and took us to dinner and to the premiere of some movie. I do not remember what movie or what restaurant! I won a bottle of Pappy van Winkle for my hubby. I was first runner up in a beauty pageant! I won the bike rodeo when I was in elementary school - you had to ride your bike around all sorts of obstacles. I won a couple of things when I was a kid/teenager.

12. What did you last eat? I ate two pieces of Keto bread with peanut butter and a tiny drizzle of honey.

13. What's your longest relationship so far? Mark and I have been married for 40 years and dated for a couple before. I've been in a relationship with my sisters for 66 years :-). They are both older than I am. I've been in a relationship with our kids for almost 38 years! I still get together about once a year with my friends, Kaye and Faye, and we've known each other since elementary school. I am in Facebook relationships with people I've known since first grade or before.

14. Have you ever been on a diet? hahahaha! Have you ever read my blog? I'm always trying to eat healthier and lose weight.

15. Do you enjoy DIY or crafts? I do enjoy fun crafts!!


  1. Your new bath is stunning, Lisa! Wow.
    I've struggled with forgiveness most my life, but like what my blogger friend Victor suggested -- Asking God to forgive him/her on my behalf until such time as I'm able to do so.

    1. I have had to do that before -- ask God to forgive them for me on my behalf. One incident took years to forgive.

  2. Your forgive/forget response is right on. The derivation of your name is very interesting to me.
    My mom wanted Margaret as a name for my baby sister but my father opposed it. Her name is Marcia (same 1st syllable) and her initials are MEG, which of course is a diminutive of Margaret.

    1. actually had never made the connection with Elizabeth and Lisa (that I recall). Margaret is a family name on my hubby's side of the family and I didn't know (until I married him) that Peggy is used for those named Margaret! We have a Molly, a Peggy, a Mary Margaret, a Margaret (now deceased) and a few others and they were all for Margaret!

  3. We tore out our bathtub/shower in 2013 and replaced it with a walk-in shower. Best thing we ever did. I hate to take a bath and the shower is easier as we age. It was great when my husband was injured; I could just put him on a stool and hose him down. My 90-year-old mother-in-law is still staying in her house and I feel sure that one of the reasons is because I insisted she have her tub replaced with a walk-in shower.

    1. We have a little step-over but I think we could put a stool in there and hose off! My mother-in-law that just died had a walk-in shower and the sitter was able to help her shower using a chair.

  4. Fun questions today! I decided not to post on Sundays anymore but this one is fun. Wishing you blessings in the week ahead!!

  5. I enjoyed your answers, especially the explanation of your name. Your shower remodel is really nice. I miss my old soaking tub.

  6. I'm not a dancer either, even though I often feel compelled to do it. My friends have made me dance a few times and while I enjoy it, I always feel self conscious.

  7. #6. I usually only dance after a beverage or two. Well if you call what I do "dancing" that is.