Saturday, August 29, 2020


So, it has been over a year since I last wrote anything! I've thought about writing. I've had several ideas in my head but I haven't been able to wrap my head around the things going on in this world! Who would have thought we would be living through a pandemic? Who would have thought that we would not only be "divided" by political party but that we would spew hate at each other? 

Anyway, like many folks I have cleaned out some things over the last 6 months. I was digging through some books in the bottom of a closet today and I came across this little notebook.

As an aside for folks with dust allergies, our masks that keep others safe from our germs work great when digging through dusty boxes!

While sitting on a tiny stool on the floor of an upstairs closet, I flipped through the prayer journal and found something that I had written and I just wanted to put those words into a more "permanent" location than a piece of paper in the bottom of a closet.

At the time (2008), I was facilitating a study on prayer and we weren't just studying about prayer, we were actually praying in various ways over the weeks of the study.

One of the prayer "practices/exercises" was to escort each of my loved ones and friends right to the HUG of Jesus.

Here are the words:

This is one of my favorite (if not THE favorite) exercises of the whole study. . .to escort each of my loved ones and friends right to the HUG of Jesus -- my family, our supper club, those who need healing in my mind's eye. I had to restrain myself to not run into his arms FIRST -- an act of love to take everyone else first. I felt as if each person was receiving exactly what they needed. I also imagined the response of each person as we were approaching Jesus - was there fear? joy? nervousness? Did each person experience peace? calm? were they made fully whole and fully healed? At the end, when it was finally my turn, I wanted to HOLD ON to Jesus. I did NOT want to let go.

It is now 2020 -- that was 12 years ago -- 12 YEARS AGO -- I've been rereading the different prayers I prayed and for those still among us, I have prayed again today!!! For those who have died, I gave thanks for them and what they meant to me.  For one couple that was dating at the time (and we all prayed about their relationship), they are now married and have twin girls and a little boy!

God is amazing, y'all. Things may not be right in our world today but God is still God and I am grateful! (oh goodness, my writing is rusty -- I need to work on it!!)

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