Monday, July 23, 2018

Sunday Stealing . . .FOOOOOOOD!

This is one of those fun question blogs from Sunday Stealing (yes, I know it is Monday) and it is on food – and I love food – so this is right up my alley. Disclaimer -- there is nothing remotely "useful" in this post!! Copy and paste the questions into your own blog and answer away or feel free to answer in the comments!

1.  Do you like pie?
I love pie and I make a great mini pecan pie. The best recipe is the recipe on the dark Karo syrup bottle . . . and you can even add a little bourbon and make bourbon pecan pie. Hubbie's favorite dessert of all time is blackberry cobbler - that is a pie, right?

2.  Italian or Mexican?
I could eat Mexican food every single day. I could eat beans and rice every day. I could eat chips and salsa every day. Guess I like Mexican food. I like Italian, too, but Mexican wins.

3.  Can you bake? If so, what are your favorite things to bake?
I can bake but my mother-in-law is THE best baker around. She is in her 90's and is still baking! I bake great brown sugar brownies and I can bake my mother-in-law's German Chocolate Cake and it is LIKE N.O. O.T.H.E.R.
4.  Do you use cook books or do you try to find recipes online?
I use mostly on-line recipes these days but I do use my handwritten ones, too. Every once in a while, I might use a cookbook but I gave away most of my cookbooks when we moved a few years ago.
5.  Do you own a kitchen aid mixer?
I sure do and it is awesome!
6.  Ever cooked a meal for more than 15 people at one time?
Why yes - yes, I do that often - every week on Tuesday nights! We host a Bible/book/DVD study for Young Professionals and I cook for them every week.
7.  Do you like hospital food?
My immediate response is "of course not" . . .but back when our kids were still at home, one of our "day dates" was to meet for lunch at a hospital near my husband's old office and the food was actually ok.
8.  Favorite fast food restaurant?
I have different ones for different items - I love french fries from McDonald's and Milos. I love Wendy's cheeseburgers. If I want healthier choices, I pick Chick-Fil-A.
9.  Any picky eaters in your family?
Not really. Hubby isn't too fond of Italian but he will eat it if nothing else is provided. I'm not very fond of salmon or tuna (not the canned kind - the real kind) but if I was served either, I could probably choke it down. If you served canned salmon croquettes, I COULD NOT EAT them. I don't know what I would do.
10.  Soda or Tea?
I have Diet pepsi or diet dr. pepper every day . . .and usually a diet ginger ale every day, too. I like tea but would almost always choose soda over tea.

11.  Hot chocolate?
12.  Favorite holiday dish?
turkey and dressing
13.  What is the most tasteful strangest looking thing you have ever tasted?
I've made some casseroles that were just downright ugly but tasty.
14.  Fries or tater tots?
Fries are probably my favorite food in the universe but I like tater tots, too.
15.  Do you like cheese? If so what kind?
Yes! Cheddar, sharp cheddar, brie, feta, and how about this one? Just bought it on Friday night at Whole Foods!

16.  Home made or can soup?
I love home made soup but grew up eating Campbell's so that will definitely do in a pinch.
17.  Do you like to eat out?
Love it! We don't eat out as often as many folks though because it has not worked as well for us regarding our weight - too many meals out equals expanding waistlines for us.
18.  What kind of food is popular where you are? (Like in Alaska it is seafood)
Our state is on the gulf coast so seafood is always good and we also have great barbecue! Our city is a new foodie location so we have some awesome places to eat.
19.  Do you like cotton candy?
sure. Have you tried cotton candy grapes???
20.  Turkey or Chicken?
both - all the time!
21.  Hamburger or tuna helper?
hamburger - the thought of tuna helper . . .not so sure about that one.
22.  Raw or cooked veggies?
both! I love veggies!
23.  Do you like salad? If so, what is your favorite kind of salad?
I love salad. I like green salad. I like asian slaw. I like chicken salad. I like potato salad. I like Baby Blue salad (baby greens, with strawberries, mandarin oranges, sweet and spicy pecans, blue cheese - only way I like blue cheese and a great balsamic dressing with a kick)
24.  Favorite pizza topping?
meat! (pepperoni, sausage, canadian bacon)
25.  Do you like meat loaf?
I do! I've actually eaten meatloaf twice in the last two weeks!


  1. #15? This cheese lover is dying to know what it is you brought home! I used to be addicted to Diet Dr. Pepper but the carbonation in sodas seems to be unfriending me.
    I used to love my mom's pecan pie with 2 kinds of Karo syrup and shredded coconut. Unfortunately, that written recipe is MIA, but yours with a hint of bourbon sounds mighty intriguing.

    1. I forgot to add the picture of the cheese - just went back and added it. It is cheese with blueberries in it and it is soooooo rich!