Tuesday, December 5, 2017

God Bless Us Everyone!

What's up with you and yours? Have you decorated your house? Christmas Tree in place? Presents purchased and wrapped?  Nope? Join my club! I've done a few things but not nearly enough yet.

I just thought these Christmas balls were so pretty that I snapped a photo - sorry!

On Saturday, Mark and I drove to the city where our daughter lives and visited with her and her future husband for a while.  She cooked her first meal in the new house and we were there to eat it - that was very special to this momma!

After lunch, we drove to the Shakespeare Theater to see A Christmas Carol. I must say that I THOROUGHLY enjoyed the production. I loved how Shakespeare was decked out for the holidays!

Before the production, carolers were singing from the balcony.

We were told that we couldn't take pictures of the production but I snapped one of the program and one of the main backdrop.  The scenery in this play was spectacular. I cannot imagine the hours of work that went into creating the scenery.  We had seats on the third row so we could see every detail clearly. The costumes were outstanding, too.

On Sunday night, our neighborhood had the annual "lighting of the tree." I signed up to bake cookies this year . . .because I have backed out of going the last couple of years.  If you have cookies to deliver and you've already walked to the townhall, you might as well stay.  Poor hubby - I dragged him to all sorts of things this past weekend!

We were headed to see the "lighting" of the tree but the moon put on a show all its own on Sunday night.  Here she is rising between the two house across the street from us.

My pictures of the actual event are not very good. It was too dark and I didn't figure out how to touch the screen to add more light until it was too late.  I know now! The Chamber Choir from our local high school performed as did an ensemble called "Ten Bucs Worth" (school mascot is Bucs).  They were all very good.

This was the moon still putting on a show when we arrived at the town hall (two blocks from our house).  She was really beautiful.

The tree is not a real tree but a ginormous pole with strands of lights that run to the ground. After the choir performance, everyone in the crowd counted down - ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one . . .and the light appeared. It is really quite lovely and my picture doesn't do it justice.

Since we were already out and about, we walked around our neighborhood a little. Almost everyone has participated in the white lights in our front trees this year and it is magical.

We finally put the decorations on the tree.

I finished decorating the mantle and I really like it this year.

I love our nativity - some Fontanini and some wooden pieces from Bethlehem.

I found a fun red and green plaid cloth at Bed, Bath, and Beyond last weekend and picked it up (and had a coupon!). I love the fun and casual look.

I pooped out after this little bit of decorating on Sunday afternoon. We need to do some work to the outside - wreaths and garland and bows. We hung beautiful garland up over our door on Sunday afternoon and it is hanging by one hook this afternoon.  It is way too tall for me to reach without a ladder so I'm hoping that Mark can fix it when he gets home.

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