Thursday, October 12, 2017

Of Good Courage -- Catalyst 2017

This past week, Mark and I were privileged to attend Catalyst in Atlanta with some of our pastors.  The theme for the two days was "Of Good Courage" and we heard wonderful stories of the courage that can come only from God. It was an amazing two days - at times, almost more than I could possibly absorb.

The line up of speakers was top notch -- Andy Stanley; Bob Goff; Tim Tebow; Katie Davis Majors; Christine Caine; and Brene Brown just to name a few.  The music - wow - the music!!  Some of the band (the main band?) from Northpoint was phenomenal.  Mosaic and Johnnyswim and Hillsong provided music at other times - Wow!

On our way into the Infinite Energy Center, we saw Bob Goff and we were able to get a picture with him.  If you haven't read his book, Love Does, buy it right now.  Seriously - in the next sentence just click on it and you will go right to the amazon page (they are not paying me nor do they know I'm promoting the book - it is just good!!). Log onto Amazon and buy it now!!  We thought that Bob was just pretending to be a pirate but when he spoke, he shared that he had eye surgery the day before and the doctors aren't sure they can save his vision.  Of course, when we met him, Mark was talking to him non-stop  . . . inviting him to meet for a beer! hahahaha!

 Eleanor (Children's minister), Amy (one of our associate pastors) and I grabbed a quick selfie.

In between the speakers, the hosts played games (karaoke and dance offs!) and offered other fun entertainment.  Jeff Foxworthy entertained with his story about a colonoscopy.  I laughed until I really had tears running down my face and I had heard that routine before!!

I read in a follow up email that there were 8,300 people worshipping together in this place.  On day two, they led us in an old worship song - Heart of Worship - and it was amazing to hear 8,300 people worshipping God together and to feel the Holy Spirit's presence in that place.

I recorded the entertainment below but I can't get it to work in the blog so a still photo will have to do.  The guy (who had a fancy name and fancy clothes) ran around this hamster cage and jumped high in the air and I was as amazed as any little kid. I felt like I either had a big grin on my face or I was laughing . . .or I had tears in my eyes for the majority of time we were there.

They used lights and sound and motion and video and all of the other tricks to enhance worship.

JohnnySwim was amazing.  I know I've used the word amazing and phenomenal several times but I just can't think of any other great descriptors!! 
There was a contingent from Puerto Rico sitting to his right.  I would love to know if they had originally planned to come or if they were stranded in Atlanta (able to escape from Puerto Rico to Atlanta??) and Northpoint church found out about them and offered them tickets -- I don't know - but they were there.  JohnnySwim went over to their section and sang just to them at one point - totally unscripted because they didn't have him mic'd to do that.

I took a couple of pictures of Andy Stanley because one of our Tuesday night girls has a "preacher crush" on Andy Stanley.  I was texting them to her while he spoke!!

I needed some spiritual food and was granted a feast portion during these two days.  We actually skipped out on two parts and Mark said if we ever get to go back, we are going to every session!
I loved getting to know my co-workers better. I loved worshipping.  I learned much from the speakers - oh my goodness, Christine Caine and Brene Brown were two of our favorites.  I am so thankful that Brian allowed Mark and me to go with the group and I thank God that we are in a church where the staff is continually encouraged to grow in our own faith.


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  1. Sounds like an AMAZING experience!! I am so glad you and Mark were able to be there!!