Saturday, September 3, 2016

Time! Time! Time!

Where does time go?  I cannot . . .I simply CANNOT believe that today is September 3.  I think I missed July and August!  Wah!!!!

Seriously!  Does anyone else feel like time is moving at warp speed?  Yes, I know the facts - there are 60 seconds in a minute and 60 minutes in an hour and 24 hours in a day - yeah yeah yeah!  I KNOW all those facts but it seems like it is spinning faster and faster.

I met two friends for lunch yesterday (there are usually four of us but one was with her "children" who drove into town).  When I was getting out of my car, one of my friends was standing in the parking lot waiting on me.  I actually looked at her and said, "I'm tired."  Sometimes I feel like we live life at a break neck speed.

BUT . . . .the office closes early on Fridays (we still work our 40 hours - just in case you felt like the church wasn't getting their money's worth :-) ).  I had planned to go straight to the grocery store from the office.  I ended up staying a little longer to finish something and I came straight home and TOOK A NAP.  (I know I have a million caps in this post)  Mark is at the farm and I slept in (until 6:45 which is an hour and a half longer than I normally sleep!!) . . . .AND . . .I took a nap today!!

I haven't blogged lately because I haven't had anything to say (hahahahaha!) - actually because of the situation above - T.I.M.E. (or lack of).  I don't even have any fun pictures to show you.  I'm getting ready to host a baby shower next Saturday and I'm excited about that!!  Maybe I'll have pictures to share.  I've been crafting (I found time to craft) and planning out the table decorations.  I hope it is going to be as cute on the table as it is in my head.  I'm also working an Emmaus walk and our team meetings began last weekend.  I haven't worked one in a couple of years so I'm really looking forward to that time at Camp Sumatanga.

One exciting piece of news (exciting to us!) . . .Emma is going to spend the night with us tonight.  Son and lovely wife are hosting a football watching party and Miss Emma is going to sleep over with us.  If I show up to serve communion at early worship tomorrow with spit up on my shoulder, you will know why . . and you can smile sweetly at me!! 

Selfie of Glenn and Emma

I'm excited about having an extra day off this weekend.  I'm looking forward to a few more naps . . .and a pedicure . . .and washing some windows . . .and cooking . . . and just being home. 

Time!  How have you been spending your time?

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