Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Wednesday Hodgepodge

I love answering these hodgepodge questions each week.  They give me a starting point for my thoughts and I love reading other folk's answers, too!  Join up over at

  It's officially summer (in the northern hemisphere anyway). Which summer month is best and why?
As I walked out the door onto the screen porch this morning, the humidity hit me like a wet blanket and I said out loud, “well it is indeed summer in Alabama!”  I love June (even though it is hot!)  because it is my birthday month!  I really love June because the days are soooo long.  I love the fact that it doesn’t get dark until at least 8:00 p.m.

Can you swim? How did you learn? June 27th is National Sunglasses Day. How many pair do you own?
I can float.  I can dog paddle.  I’m a lousy swimmer.  I took swimming lessons at the YMCA as a young adult!  It was embarrassing.  I think I almost drowned.  It is a good thing that I was cute.  I made sure that our children learned to swim early – they could do a basic crawl at 3 years old and swam on swim team, taught swim lessons, etc.

I don’t own a single pair of sunglasses and I desperately need some.  I’ve been shopping for a pair.  I’m willing to pay up to $150.00.  I get motion sick very easily.  As soon as I put on most sunglasses, I get that motion sick feeling.  Somehow my vision is slightly distorted by sunglasses and oh my goodness – it makes me feel ill!!  Our daughter has costas and loves them.  I tried some on but haven’t found the right pair yet.  Any suggestions?  Anyone else have this same problem?

 What characteristic do you judge most harshly in yourself? How about in others? 
I think I judge others way too often.  I know this sounds ridiculous since I’m overweight, but I do judge others who are overweight.  Maybe it is because I want to change it in myself (but don’t seem able to do so) so I see it in others???

  Robert Frost wrote the now well known poem entitled The Road Not Taken. What's a road (literal or figurative) you've always wanted to travel, and where do you hope it takes you? I would love to travel “down a road” to Ireland and Scotland and Australia and New Zealand and the list goes on and on.

  Popsicles-yay or nay? If you answered yay, what's your favorite flavor? 
Oh my goodness – in Alabama (started right here in our town), we have Steel City Pops (Birmingham – steel mills).  These are THE BEST popsicles I have ever eaten in my life.  I love the coconut one.  It is so delicious!

  Brexit-on a scale of 1-10 how knowledgeable are you on what's involved here? (1=very knowledgeable and 10=what's Brexit) Is this news you'll follow or is it something you think won't impact your life in any way shape or form?
I know what it is.  I know that Mark was watching the stock market.  I know that most people thought it was going to go one way and it went another way.  I’m thinking maybe I would be an 8 on the scale.

  Share a favorite song on your summer play list.
I have been listening to Lauren Daigle all the time lately.  That is not really a “summer play list” but just what I’ve been listening to most often.  Have you heard her?

Insert your own random thought here. 
We are going to two different lakes this weekend with friends/family.  We went to another friend’s lake house last weekend.  I'm so thankful for friends and family who share their lovely homes on the water with us.  I love being out in the sun.  I love having a tan.  I HATE that it is bad for you. 

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  1. Your popsicle looks yummy! I must search for these in GA. I enjoyed reading your answers, thanks for sharing a bit of your life with us.
    Lori in Blue Ridge, GA