Monday, October 19, 2015

What is that noise? Are you crunching something??

I received an email recently asking if I would blog about healthy snacking -- especially snacking during football games.  In the south, we call that tailgate'n. (imagine a slow southern drawl)

I love to have folks over to watch a football game - especially Auburn football - War Eagle! One of the main reasons that I enjoy having folks over is because I need a buffer!!  Mark gets so overwrought during the games that he has been known to turn off the TV and walk out of the room . . while everyone else remains seated . . .staring at a blank TV screen. I kid you not!

So what are some great healthy snacks to consume during a tailgate - either at home or on campus?

How about nuts of any kind? We've been trying to eat healthier across the board and so I've been buying nuts in bulk and toasting them at home. It sure is nice to be able to put some in a bowl and snack away. In Alabama, we love pecans but these are walnuts and almonds.

For a fun twist on nuts, mix candy corn and dry roasted salted peanuts together. When eaten together, it tastes like a payday candy bar. YUUUM!!

Our family also loves to "dip" anything -- from chips to raw veggies.  We love homemade guacamole and it is so easy to make. I like to buy my avocados a day or two ahead of time and let them ripen in a basket on the kitchen counter.
Chop fine about 1/4 cup of onion
Chop fine one tomato
Scoop flesh out of three avocados and mash with old timey potato masher
Mix three ingredients above
Squeeze half a lemon over all
Add salt and pepper generously
stir and taste - add more lemon juice, salt or pepper to taste
Serve with baked (or real) tostitos or other chips

We also love Sabra Hummus and pita chips or hummus and raw baby carrots!! Yuuum!!  We just love dippin'!!

You can check out some healthy snacks at this website also.

What is your favorite HEALTHY (or at least somewhat healthy) snack to eat while watching football?

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