Wednesday, September 30, 2015

It's beginning to look a lot like fall

I love fall! I'm sitting on my front porch and there is a pleasant breeze blowing and a daddy is teaching his little boy how to hit a baseball in the park right in front of me....and at this moment, life is good. We've started decorating our porch - in the next few days, we will add some Halloween decorations. For now, this is what we have done

Our ferns still look pretty good so we've paired each one with a yellow mum and a pumpkin. I love making a trip out to the Farmer's market on Finley. I always buy a lot! The pumpkin on the left (stripes) is called "one too many" pumpkin variety. It is so pretty I don't think you could have too many!!

You can see our pretty lanterns on the table in the back left corner. We bought them a few weeks ago at southeastern salvage - we love that store!!

I'm continuing to use my box that Brian made for me - gourds and mini pumpkins, some ivy, and a few candles.

What are your favorite fall decorations?

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