Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Two of the tools in my toolbox

This is not a profound post.  As I was typing the title, I thought that I could write about the tools that I use along my Christian journey.  I have lots of them, I'm sure.  Instead, I'm going to write something trivial because that seems to be where my brain is lately.

I love crafting - I like to sew.  I used to smock (maybe again some day).  I like to do paper crafts of all kinds from scrapbooking to card making to invitation making to banner making.  I like to make wreaths of all kinds.

This week, I have used two of my tools multiple times.  I have a pair of Black and Decker scissors (plug them in - charge the battery - unplug and cut away).  They are great for cutting multiple strips of fabric.  I'm working on a wreath right now for a baby boy shower.  I need hundreds of strips of fabric cut into 1 inch by 6 inch strips.  These scissors are not for work that requires precision cutting . . .or maybe I should say "this operator" can't use these scissors for precision cutting!!

My other tool that has had multiple uses this week is my Silhouette Cameo.  This is my second cutter from Silhouette and I have LOVED both of them.  There are times when I get frustrated because I can't figure out something but if I take the time, I can almost ALWAYS find a blog with instructions or a youtube video of someone doing whatever it is I need.  I used my machine to make two baby shower banners - a "we don't know the sex yet" banner of pastel colored onesies (baby is arriving today and we will know whether it is a boy or a girl!!)  and a cute banner for sweet baby Hadley Kate due in a few weeks.  I also cut out 35 or so baby shower invitations for a baby boy shower at the end of April.  I'm in love with the invitations.

Do you have hobbies that require tools?  Do you have favorites that you use often?  I would love to hear about them because I might need to add some tools to my toolbox!!!

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