Sunday, November 2, 2014

One very looooong post

I thought I would do a quick run down on our fall.  The main reason I'm recapping is because of my poor memory!!

So . . .we started off with a week long trip to Orange Beach and it was wonderful.  I felt like it was the first time that I had relaxed since I had been in the new job.  The weather was amazing.  I didn't do anything except sit in the sun, talk to my sista, hang out with the rest of the fam, read books and craft a little.  Heaven.  Happy place!!

Lauren caught a baby crab.  Tiny!!

It rained in the middle of the day at the first of the week, so we went to Doc's Seafood Shack and had some yummy seafood.

I loved spending time with Becky!

It was a fried food palooza!  Is that even a word?  I don't think so because my computer has underlined it in red . . .hmmm.

Sweet tea and pina coladas.  Makes sense to me!

 My goal was to read a novel, mystery, etc. every single day.  I didn't quite meet my goal but I came pretty close.  I think I talked too much!  Does that surprise anyone?

A pirate ship appeared on the horizon one day.  I trotted to the end of the pier to take pictures.  I was sort of hoping they would pull up close and say, "come aboard matey" or some other fun something or other.  They didn't.

We saw LOTS of BIG sharks.  People - you might want to think twice before getting in the water.  There were swarms of sharks around the pier at night.  Lots, people.  Lots!

Glenn practiced with the casting net.

Mark and Glenn caught fish and we picked up fresh shrimp . . and fried everything in sight - fried green beans, hush puppies, corn nuggets . . .we never eat fried food at home.

We sat on our balcony almost every night.  Heaven.  Yep.

Then we were back to the real world which included Magic City Miracle.  I blogged about making seed bombs last year.  This year, Mark and I manned the food drive bins at the Pig in Bluff Park.  I practiced my eye contact and "sales" skills that afternoon . . .and sweated a considerable amount.

 We've watched a lot of Auburn football - War Eagle!

We've hosted the young adults every Tuesday night.  This was the mission project night.

Just in case I've never said it - :-) - we love these young men and women.  They have become family to us!!

One of our favorite places in the new house . . .is the upstairs porch.  We have done a lot of "porch sitting" since we moved in.  Love it.  Yes - margarita.  It has been a stressful year.

We decorated . . .and I mean decorated . . .for Halloween.  Our neighborhood gets into the holidays.

I have shopped for and purchased some new furniture items.  Isn't this the cutest bench?  I bought it at a local antique shop and it is now sitting at the foot of our bed.  It is the perfect place to sit and put on your walking shoes!!

Same antique store - bought this for the corner of the dining room!

Oh yeah - about that decorating.  I wanted to win the prize - but we didn't :-(  But it was fun anyway.

Our newest adventure involves a big cat named Charlie.  Laura rescued him (or however you say that!) and he is staying with us for the month.  He is a sweet kitty!!

I also shopped for antiques, etc. in this cool store in downtown Bessemer.  I didn't buy anything but it is such a cool old building!!  Isn't that the funniest name?  The Paisley Pig - love it!

Well, dang - more margaritas?  

We are now up to this weekend.  There is a sundog or rainbow in this picture.  It was so incredibly cool - sort of like a fat and short three colored rainbow.  I have never seen anything like it.

I volunteered to work at the neighborhood Halloween party.  I met lots of new folks.  Lord, help me - I can't remember their names!!  A cold front blew through - literally BLEW THROUGH the pavilion.   The evening was called "meet, eat and trick or treat."  We served pizza and raw veggies and dip and kettle corn and cuties and juice boxes and water bottles. 

There were children everywhere.  Really.  There were a lot of Elsas and a lot of Olafs.

People go ALL OUT in our neighborhood.  Look at the tricked out golf cart.  No, we don't have a golf cart but lots of folks do.  That is the side of our house - just in case you haven't seen it yet.

This daddy is Olaf - a big Olaf.  His white baseball cap has a carrot nose!

I've shopped for more accessories.

On Saturday, Mark and I walked down the hill just two blocks and we were at the Moss Rock Festival.  It was COLD.  I had on shorts and sandals because I had been for an early morning pedicure . . .and I couldn't change shoes or pants.  I almost froze to death.  I am never ever cold.  Once again, hear me - I almost froze to death.

One "booth" had goats for petting . . .and an airstream trailer.  I guess the goats live in the trailer???

 They had art out the wazoo.  Mark liked one painting and thought it was $150 . . .it was $1500.  oops - we didn't buy it.  Did I mention that it was cold?  Really!

We also hosted our supper club this weekend.

Guess what we served in these mason jars?  iced tea?  yes.  water?  yes.  margaritas?  (again - really?) yes!!  I bought these cute paper straws . . .but they fell apart in the drinks.  It was still fun to use them.

So now we are all the way up to today.  Oh wait - I forgot to tell you.  Last year (old neighborhood) - we had four trick or treaters.  This year, we had about 800.  It was so much fun.  We ran out of candy.  We turned off our lights.  People kept on ringing the door bell.  Mark was not polite to said people.  Oh well.  While I was sitting on the porch in the cold . . . handing out candy (at the end, folks were getting one smartee or one jolly rancher - no kidding), I thought to myself, "I am so dadgum happy."

So back to today - today was all saints sunday and worship was good.  A lot of really good folks went to be with Jesus this year.  We sure do miss them.  then we went to Gmom's for lunch.  Mark took me to a tea on the way home - he let me out in front of the house and I went in to the party and he drove around the block!  After that, I bought groceries and I've done about five loads of laundry and I have chicken cooking downstairs (ten pounds of chicken to be exact) and I'm telling you about the weekend.  My clock says 9:04 but we also had the time change this weekend.  Could we possibly have anything else?  I'm tired but I have a smile on my face.  How about you?

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