Thursday, August 22, 2013

Ouch ouch ouch!!

Today is one of those "fun" days in life!!! Not! I'm sitting in the room at the allergy doc's office with a whole lot of pin pricks in my back! I've had allergy tests quite a few times in my life starting when I was about 22 years old. Here I am at 55 in my fashionable blue paper shirt...getting tested once again.

Don't I look happy? Actually I am!! She just came in and checked my back ...where there are lots of pin pricks and I'm doing well! I've stayed the course - three years of allergy shots, countless bottles of Zyrtec, enough nasonex to float a boat, inhalers out the wazoo.

She just finished the first round - 41 pin pricks on my back. There is improvement .  I keep thinking of that scripture from Hebrew 12 - let us run with perseverance .... This battle with allergies has been long. . .

She will be back in a few moments with more individual pricks ....some trees (trees don't like me!!) and a few others. The first 41 pricks were done sort of at the same time - in groups of ten across my upper back. I must admit that I did indeed say "ouch" out loud.  The next ones will be individual needle pricks on my arms. 

She just finished the second round!! There were this many of the individual ones!!

So now I wait again ... Until the timer dings. Good news comes to those who wait, right???

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  1. Been there a couple of times and wondering when it will be time again. You go to AL Allergy? I like their new office and everyone there.