Thursday, October 18, 2012

Life is a gift - yes, it is!!!

This is my friend, Nancy. Nancy is not JUST my friend, she is also Mark's first cousin. Nancy is not just my friend and Mark's cousin . . .without Nancy, I might never have met Mark! Years ago (30?? years ago!!), Nancy and her sister, Sally organized a canoe trip down on the Cahaba River for a group of single young adults.  Mark was living out of town but came home a lot on the weekends and Nancy and Sally begged Mark and George to go on that canoe trip.  I met Mark that day and the rest is history.  Nancy is not just those things I mentioned . . .friend, cousin, match-maker . . .Nancy IS A FIGHTER AND A SURVIVOR!! Yes, she is!!! Life is indeed a gift and it is meant to be celebrated.  Doesn't she look pretty in pink???

We even had pink cupcakes at our celebration - Edgar's is known for their strawberry cakes/cupcakes.

We had birthday balloons . . .

and a candle . . .we had laughter - lots of laughter . . .

. . . .we also had the most important ingredient. . . friendship and love.  Sometimes I am amazed at all the blessings in my life.  Lunch with friends is one of those wonderful blessings.  Nancy's birthday was and is indeed a celebration.  That birthday lunch was a celebration that she was born all those years ago (sorry - couldn't help since she is a little older than I)!!

The birthday celebration was also a celebration of the gift of life - for each one of us. I thank God for Nancy!!  (p.s. I also thank God for her recent clean scans!!)  Look at those smiles - we are blessed.  Yes, we are.


  1. Mom had a wonderful time with all of you! This is a sweet post, maybe you could email her a link? She doesn't get on facebook (where I saw it) very often. -Miriam

  2. Looks like a wonderful time. I could use some friends like that.