Sunday, September 30, 2012

Dessert shower

Back earlier this month, Mark and I helped host a dessert party for Lauren and Billy. Lauren is the daughter of our choir director and his wife (they just happen to be our friends!!!). Lauren and Billy wanted a couple's party and we tried something new. I will admit that there were pros and cons (from a hosting stand point) but I think that the bride and groom enjoyed the party and they received some lovely gifts.  

I volunteered to make the big flower arrangement because I had seen the one at Whitney's tea and knew that I could do that arrangement.  Mark's mother allowed me to borrow her big round bowl.  I was so worried that we would somehow break it.  Mark's daddy gave it to his momma for Valentine's day - one of the last ones that he was alive!!!  I thought I could just run up to Costco or to Whole Foods and get the white glads BUT NO!  NO ONE had them.  I remembered that our church has an account with two different wholesale florists so I called the church office to make sure that I could use the account and then I called both places.  The first wholesale florist said, "nope."  Crud!!!!  So I called the other florist and YES!! She had them.  Each bunch had 10 stems so I asked her to hold two bunches for me. 

I had on nasty shorts and a t-shirt and the florist said they were closing at 3:00 so I just ran out and jumped in the car.  OF COURSE, I ran into someone who was in my graduating class from high school.  She had on a cute red dress and make up and jewelry.  I HAD ON A NASTY T-SHIRT AND SHORTS.  It never fails.  If I go out looking like crud . . .I will see people.  I need to remember that.  Odds are . . .I won't remember.  So here is my arrangement.  I think it looks pretty good!!  Phella made the smaller arrangement that you can see behind (roses) and they went in the dining room.

I made two pumpkin rolls.  Oh my goodness . . .I love pumpkin rolls.  They are just so yummy.  I made pumpkin rolls years ago when the bride and her family came to our house for Sunday lunch and the bride loved them.  I had forgotten that BUT she remembered and was so excited that I had made them for the shower.  The hostesses all used Arthur Court and silver pieces and crystal and black and white.

I also made a double batch of iced hearts.  I used Mark's momma's (her name is Susie but I always call her Mark's momma . . she has never said I could call her anything else) recipe.  On the top of the recipe, I have written these words, "Mark's favorite cookie."  He does love these cookies.  I had to dig around in the attic to find my silver tray.  I knew that I received one as a wedding gift all those years ago.  I polished and polished and polished and finally put some doilies on it and layered the cookies.
This is the back of the home where the party was located.  Isn't it lovely?  They are going to add a pool in that backyard.  I think I'm going to have to invite myself often.
Here is a shot of the table right before everyone arrived.  I also made the coffee/chocolate punch . . . and now I own a punchbowl!!  The punch is so decadent and delicious.  We did have a cheese and cracker tray and some nuts and some fruit in addition to all of the desserts.  We also had buck-eye balls and fudge and Kahlua cheesecakes and lemon bars.  The pro was that the food was lovely and tasted great.  The con is that we (and probably some others) didn't have time to eat dinner beforehand.  A few bites of sweets when you are really hungry for regular food is not always a good thing.  Kind of makes you feel yucky.

The bride and groom enjoyed seeing their friends.

Mark enjoyed seeing his cousin.

The bride opened their gifts.  The received several sets of wine glasses and towels and other nice things including a Ninja blender.

oh - we had luminaries lining the long back drive all the way up to the house.

Here is another shot of the table.

Here is a shot of the hostesses minus one.  The bride and groom are in the middle.

Showers are fun! I hope that Lauren and Billy had a great time and have a long and happy life together.

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