Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Takin' Care of Business . . .

Glenn and Lauren came home a couple of weekends ago. I love when I have all my chickens under one roof. There was only one tiny problem - I was sick when they arrived. I, who never throw up . . .was sitting on a towel in the bathroom floor when they arrived. The rest of the crew enjoyed dinner while I slept (when I wasn't on the bathroom floor) due to the wonderful properties of phenergan. My favorite line of the weekend was said by our daughter-in-love, Lauren. Laura had been in the bathroom to check on me. Mark had been in the bathroom to check on me. Glenn had been in the bathroom to check on me. Lauren wanted to check on me and Laura told her that I might be embarrassed. Lauren's response -- "well, she better get used to me because I plan to be around for fifty years!!" I love it (and her!). I woke up on Saturday morning and was just fine. Mark was in heaven. He misses his work buddy so much. Mark is replacing the boards on our deck. It is 20 years old!! He has pressure washed it several times over the years but it is finally just worn out. Mark and Glenn went to the store to get a load of lumber (Mark loved having Glenn with him!!)

I loved walking out on the deck and seeing the two of them "takin' care of business."  These are the two men who have captured my heart!

It was a gorgeous day.  The sky was blue and the temperature was actually cool.  Totally unheard of in late May/early June in Alabama.  Look at those hats/heads/men.  You can totally tell that they are father and son.  I was trying to figure out how Mark had an extra elbow and it dawned on me that Lauren is standing behind them!!

They had to get creative because some of the boards were warped.  Mark was doing "leg presses" in order to get the board to line up.

I think this picture is funny.  We are all so attached to our cell phones.  Glenn is working with Mark and talking on the phone.

Mark was happy to have his "helper" in town. Made me smile to watch them. They finished half the deck.  You can see one of our new windows in the background.  They look great!  Seems like when you fix one thing . . .you know how it goes. It started by painting the shutters and the front door  . . . then we got the new windows . . .now we are getting new boards on the deck.  If i had my way, our next project would be to redo our kitchen - I NEEEEEEED a double oven and a six burner stove and fancy countertops and stainless steel appliances.  Last night, I reminded our group of young adults to focus on those things for which we are thankful.  If we dwell on what we don't have, it is much harder to be filled with joy!!!  So . . . I am thankful to have a stove that works.  I am thankful to have a dishwasher.  I am thankful to have a stove that doesn't smoke up my house like the little stoves inside a tent in some third world countries.  I am thankful that our home is filled with love.  Yes, I really am thankful. (though I wouldn't mind having a new kitchen - hee hee!)

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