Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bucket List . . .really?

I have a million pictures - not really - but at least 100 . . .so I'll only bore you with a few. I've been thinking about my bucket list. There are a few really big things on my list -- I really want to see the northern lights and I would really like to go to Ireland, and if possible, I would like to have a dream kitchen some day. There are also a few smaller things ...I've always loved the Harlem Globetrotters. Really loved them. Anytime I would see them on tv, I would think, "I'm going to see them some day." They came to Birmingham last month and I bought my ticket (yes, one ticket - not two or three or four or five) - as soon as they were on sale. As much as I love to laugh, I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I would love their game/show. Why would I only buy one ticket? Well . . . I knew that I wanted to laugh out loud - as loud as I wanted - and as often as I wanted . . .and I thought I might embarrass my family :-)  I even thought about purchasing the special ticket . . . the one where you had a meet and greet with the team and there was also a special photo op . . .but common sense won out and I had plenty of fun. 

The night finally arrived and I drove to the local college and parked. You wouldn't believe how far away I parked. Just let me say that I parked a long distance from the event and it was uphill all the way and it was hot that night because we have never had winter this year - straight from summer to summer. By the time I arrived, I was a hot and smelly mess and I feel sorry for the old man sitting beside me. But I was there and I enjoyed every single moment. I laughed really loud. I probably even snorted a little. . . and I've completed one item on my bucket list . . .and really had a good time.  I did wish mightily for a little boy because there were so many little boys and I thought about Glenn . . . and what a fine man he is . . .and not a little boy . . .and got a little nostalgic.

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