Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I have this thing about twins. My daddy had twin sisters. I barely remember Aunt Lorene. Her sister, Irene, died when they were 5 years old. Aunt Lorene and my cousin, Woody, lived with my grandparents. I didn't think that was unusual at all. It was just normal. But think of the times - it was 1958 (when I was born) and not many people were divorced.  To be honest, I don't think I even knew they were divorced.  (actually, I'm not totally sure of that - I guess he could have been dead but I don't think so)  Anyway, it was just normal to me.  We have one picture of the twins and it is sort of eerie looking - really old photo and their eyes look kind of scary. They look identical but I'm not sure.  I don't think anyone ever said.  Irene died of one of those childhood diseases that kids don't usually get today (I can't remember which one).  Anyway, fast forward to my school years.  Two of my best friends were twins - Kaye and Faye. We did everything together. Usually there were four of us - Karen was the number four. The three of them (Kaye, Faye, and Karen were all a year older than I) and I spent many hours together. We went on various family vacations together. We got into way too much trouble together. We were all roommates at various times in our young adult lives. As a matter of fact, I was living with Kaye and Faye when I met Mark . . .who is a twin. His name does not rhyme with his twin brother like Irene/Lorene and Kaye/Faye. His twin brother's name is George. They are identical. Actually Mark is thinner than George but unless you see them right together, you might not notice that. So . . .I was living with Kaye/Faye and met Mark/George on a canoe trip. It was a church trip and they brought beer (yes, we were old enough) and I thought they must be the cool guys!!! I could not tell them apart which is hysterical because Mark had a mustache and George didn't. So I had to remember "M" is for mustache and for Mark. Fast forward a couple of years and Mark and I married . . and Kaye/Faye were bridesmaids - so two sets of identical twins in the wedding. Fast forward two more years . . .and we started our family and had twins - but not identical twins. Anyway, I sometimes think I'm a twin magnet or either I'm just obsessed with twins. (this is really a post about nothing, isn't it??) Anyway, I love to crack an egg and for it to be "twins" - I know that is probably weird but I guess I'm weird. Not only is it weird, but I took a picture of it to show you!!!  Look at that - two yolks.

Lord, have mercy - I cannot believe that I just wrote a whole post just to show you the twin eggs. Must be the middle aged mind at work :-)

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