Thursday, December 8, 2011

Oh my goodness - it is soooo big!!

A few weeks ago I went to visit Glenn and Lauren. I had three lovely nights in a local hotel and spent as much time as possible with the two of them. It was a great visit. We went to the Flea Market on Saturday morning (more pictures in another post) and they had these giant Chinese Grapefruits . . .not from China - just the name. I had to buy one just to try it.

I took a picture with a roll of paper towels and a big box of cereal so you could get an idea of how big this thing really was.  It was the size of a small kickball.

Gorgeous pink color . . .look at how large each half is.  That is my knife with the longest blade and it is a very long blade!!

This one section is on the "bowl" of my grapefruit spoon. Each section was huge!!  Not only was it beautiful but it was delicious. It was sweeter than a regular grapefruit. I think I need to buy several the next time I go to visit!!

I found this info on the internet:
The Chinese grapefruit, also known as the pomelo, Bali lemon, pummelo, pamplemousse, Limau besar, or Shaddock, is the largest of all edible citrus fruits. Native to Southeast Asia, the Chinese grapefruit has been cultivated for centuries in tropical and subtropical regions as a source of food. The flesh of the fruit is somewhat sweeter than a grapefruit, with a tangy undertaste in some varieties. Some grocers carry Chinese grapefruits in their produce sections when they are in season, and they can be grown in USDA zones 10 and warmer.

If allowed free reign, the Chinese grapefruit can grow larger than a basketball, with an extremely thick rind covering a segmented fruit. The skin can be green to yellow, with yellow to rosy flesh inside. As a general rule, the pinkish fleshed Chinese grapefruits tend to be more sweet, while the yellow flesh is more acidic and it can be dry. The fruits are eaten out of hand, just like many other citrus fruits, and they can also be juiced, added to preserves, and included in desserts. In some parts of Asia, the skin is candied as a treat

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