Saturday, October 15, 2011

Lots of pink for baby girl shower

We are having a baby girl boom at work!! First . . . .let's see - David's wife, Tina, had a baby girl . . .then Kristi had a baby girl . . .then Jeanne had a baby girl . . .and Amy and Karen are both expecting baby girls! Isn't that amazing? These pictures are from Jeanne's baby shower. Baby Ellen has now arrived so I'm a little late posting these pictures.  Ann's (our boss!) daughter made the baby cake.

I made the pink puff balls.

Kristi picked up the balloons and the pink paper plates and stuff.

Let's see . . there is Julie on the left and we sure do miss her.  She is no longer working with us.  Robert, our wonderful intern, is standing in the back.  Karen has on stripes.  Kristi - with no face - is beside Karen and Amy is in the front.  I love working with all of these folks!!


Donna is on the left and she brought the fun pink punch - I think it was pink lemonade which was yummy!!


Here are our three who were pregnant at that time -- Jeanne on the left (baby Ellen has arrived), Amy in the middle (her baby girl is going to be named Cora) and Karen on the right (I don't think she has told us her baby girl's name yet).


Jeanne received some fun gifts!!  Hopefully, they are practical and useful, too!

These are our guys who attended (besides Robert in that first picture) -- Scott is standing and Drew is sitting and that is Amy L. talking to Scott.


It is so wonderful to work with all these folks and it is so neat that so many baby girls are arriving!!

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