Friday, October 9, 2009

Sweet baby girl!!

Last Friday, a friend called and asked if I could babysit their sweet baby girl who had been sick and unable to go to daycare. Here are a few pics from our day! She was so sweet and she has those great babygirl thighs that make me chuckle! It is the only time in life when a girl can have chubby legs and be considered totally adorable. You see that I thought those thighs were photo-worthy! We played peek-a-boo (or pee pie as I grew up calling it - but I don't know how to spell that??). We spent some time on their deck watching the leaves fall. We spent some time on their front porch steps waiting on daddy to come. I had forgotten what it feels like to hold a warm baby and give them a bottle (though she wants to hold her own bottle). I was amazed at how quickly I remembered to make the spoon "zoom" through the air like an airplane when I was feeding her. I also had forgotten how a baby can be mesmerized by an adult "clicking their tongue." I was hoping she would start doing it and surprise her parents. I forgot to mention something very important. This sweet baby girl is a twin. Her twin brother was at daycare but I've heard that he is sick this week. Spending time with her took me back almost 22 years . . . back to the days when Laura and Glenn were that age. Once again those musings of a middle aged mom . . . life sure is different these days!!

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  1. Lisa, I am Lissa's Mom. Thank you for the great pictures and sweet comments. You expressed how I feel everytime I see them! Being a grandmother is one of God's greatest gifts! I love my "sweet baby girl" and her chubby thighs! Thanks again! Nancy