Sunday, September 27, 2009

Where is Ball State, Hayden?

On Thursday, we drove to Orange Beach and met two other couples and had a glorious long weekend. The weather was beautiful and we had a wonderful time. Thought I would share a little of the weekend . . .

Mark and I left Hoover around 8:00 on Thursday morning and stopped first at Durbin's - got a cute "Happy Fall Y'all" metal sign and then drove on to Priester's where we purchased some fiddle sticks (which melted and became one fiddlestick!). Those are two of our favorite stops every time we go to the beach. We always try to leave Birmingham early enough to arrive in Gulf Shores in time for a late lunch at The Original Oyster House. We love to eat there! The seafood is always good and the prices are reasonable and they have a wonderful salad bar.

This was the view from our table.
After a delicious lunch, Mark dropped me off at the liquor and grocery store and he went to pick up the key. With bucket of Margaritas and Tequila in hand, off we went to Four Seasons.

I spent most of my first afternoon by the pool.
I don't think I have ever been so "sun deficient." I felt as if I were a sponge soaking up those warm glorious rays. Mark and I both love the sun.

Everyone else arrived in the afternoon and we enjoyed chatting and visiting. We decided to walk across the road to Cotton's for dinner. Not our best dining experience at the beach. I guess that Mark took this picture while I was in the bathroom!
It was interesting though. You've heard the old rule, "No shirt, no shoes, no service?" Well, I know we were at the beach but there was an old guy in the restaurant with an incredibly long scraggly beard and no shoes! I wonder who he was?? We walked back across the four lane road to the condos and tried (not very successfully) to replicate a picture that Phella had cut out of a magazine.

On Friday, there was a very brief rain shower early in the morning and then there was a beautiful rainbow.

The rest of the day was gorgeous and much time was spent on the pier,
by the pool, in the pool and on the beach.

Happy hour was enjoyed by all.

Friday night, we decided to go to The Original Oyster House. It is amazing to me that this is "off season" and there was still an hour wait for a table. We all walked around to the back and the guys fed the fish and we had a stranger take our picture.
We three girls then proceeded to check out the merchandise in the little shops and we found a bench to rest on.
We had no idea where the guys were. About that time, Mark showed up.
They had been sitting at the bar in the restaurant having a drink and chatting with the bartender about crazy drinks and watching two drunk guys! This picture is of "our" guys, not the drunk guys!!
Mark hung out with us on the bench for a few minutes and our buzzer finally went off. On the way home from the restaurant (I probably shouldn't tell this!!) we started singing old tv show theme songs in the car - The Brady Bunch and Gilligan's Island!

I awakened early Saturday morning and knew that Mark would already be on the pier fishing so I took the camera and a diet pepsi and walked down to be greeted by a lovely sunrise.

Morning was spent on the beach and in the pool once again soaking up those wonderful rays.

Hayden and I both spent some time reading this weekend. He was reading the newest John Grisham book and I read The Noticer by Andy Andrews and started on a James Patterson book.
I think I saw Guy and Phella reading in the shade on the porch one afternoon.

For those of you who know Mark, you know he doesn't enjoy reading. His hobbies include hunting and fishing and exercise. When I saw him holding this magazine, which Jan handed him, I just had to take his picture. Too funny!!

The guys had caught enough flounder and snapper for one meal so we decided to have our "big meal" in the middle of the day and eat snack stuff during the Auburn football game. Mark fried the fish rolled in potato flakes - if you've never tried it, it makes the most wonderful light crust. You can see Guy and Mark cooking in the background and Hayden and Phella enjoying some conversation.
The food was all yummy!! Jan cooked apples and she also cooked spaghetti squash. Guy was the sous chef!! I think Mark needed some help. Frying fish and timing it just right is difficult and Mark actually cut his finger while cleaning the fish. Jan "doctored" on his finger!! These were our drugs of choice for the weekend!
Hayden and I were sitting across the counter from them pretending that we were watching a cooking show. This is our "view" of the chefs.

I know we are crazy . . . what can I say?

Phella, Jan and I spent the cloudy afternoon at the Tanger Outlets and we each found some great bargains. We also crammed Jan into a teeny tiny children's car and took her picture. Yes, we are grown women but we like to have fun.

Our last night at the beach was spent watching Auburn football and eating fun snacks - teeny tiny turkey sandwiches and sausage/cream cheese/rotel dip and sliced cheese and crackers and watermelon . . . you get the point. I'm not sure this picture of Hayden and Guy washing dishes was taken that last night but they sure did a good job.

Now about the title for this blog. I believe it was Mark who asked Hayden multiple times, "Where is Ball State?" and before the night was over, we had all asked Hayden that same question. So . . . Hayden . . .where is Ball State?

A wonderful weekend was had by all and we give thanks for good friends!

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