Monday, May 29, 2017

Weekend Projects . . .and Sitting Still

For many years, I was a stay-at-home mom.  I drove carpool.  I cooked supper every day.  I had snacks for my children when they came in after school.  I drove kids to swim lessons, gymnastics, ballet, jazz, baseball, church activities.  I checked homework (if needed) in the afternoons.  When my kids were in high school, I went back to work and I worked 20-24 hours a week but was always off on Fridays.  A few years ago (3 I think), I started working five days a week and you wouldn't think that one little day would make that much difference but it does! 

What does all that have to do with this post?  I've been making a list of projects that needed attention and I was counting the days until the long weekend.  I shot out of the office on Friday at 1:30 and I felt like I was free (and all this is from someone who LOVES her job!!).  Anticipation!!

I did a fun thing first - I used my gift card given to me by Glenn and Lauren and Emma for Mother's Day. . . PEDICURE!!  I love Sapphire Nail Salon in Hoover.  I tried hard to relax (there is something wrong with that sentence - I had to TRY HARD to RELAX!!).  When the pedicure was complete, I hopped back in the car and headed to the grocery store (have I told you that I use an Excel spreadsheet for my grocery list?).

I got home and put away the groceries (the cold and perishable items).  I then started pulling everything out of my pantry.  I should look back through my blog posts to see how many times I've cleaned out my pantry.  We can't keep it clean and organized.  I have no idea what is wrong with us.  Isn't that ridiculous?  Part of the problem is that I don't have a real pantry.  I'm still puzzled by the fact that we have a really nice home with no pantry and not a single linen closet.  Did the builder just forget?

I texted the two pictures above to my friend Kristi - she's been laughing at me for years regarding my pantry.

This is what it looked like empty.  I have my cookbooks and a few serving pieces on a bookshelf behind the little door.

One of the main problems is not having enough storage space for canned goods.  I had this rack already mounted on the wall in the laundry room and decided to see if I could use it for canned goods.  It worked.  Mark was out of town while I was working on these projects so when he came home, I asked him to put some more screws/brackets on the shelves to make sure the shelves stay on the wall with the added weight.

Here are two shots of the pantry with everything neatly organized.  I need to make an inventory sheet and make some labels so I can find things!!!

On to the next project.  On Saturday morning, I spent an hour or so in Home Depot shopping for items to help me organize.  Like I said . . .we don't have a linen closet so last year, I bought these fabric boxes and I've been rolling my towels so they would fit.  It had become a disaster area.  What to do?  What to do?

Ta Da!!  That is the most beautiful sight to me!!  I bought and hung the shelves and sorted towels.  I "weeded out" those well loved and worn towels and bagged them up for Mark to take to the farm.

I bought all of these hanging shelves at my Home Depot.  Closetmaid has not idea that I am writing about their product.  I wish they did and would send me about 10 more of these shelves.  I came home and went on line to see if there were any more within a 25 mile radius!!  I may need to order more!!  I hung these in the closet upside down so that there is a lip on the front edge.

On to project three . . .the rack on the wall in the laundry room . . .that now holds canned goods . . .used to hold laundry detergent, Clorox wipes, dryer sheets, dishwasher tables, etc.  These are smaller hanging shelves and they are perfect for this space!!  I already had the red wire baskets on the top shelf - I believe they were a target find!

Today, my projects have been mostly indoors or on the porch.  I'm not going to post pictures because most of the items are for a shower that I'm helping to host on July 1.  Mark, on the other hand, has been outside all day.  First, he painted the upstairs porch ceiling.  Most of the porch ceilings in our neighborhood are painted Haint Blue.  After 3 years, our ceiling was looking a little sad and tired.  I bought really good paint and it looks so fresh and clean.  You can read about blue porch ceilings here.

You can see the reflection of the shutters in this picture!

After he painted, he is now outside washing everything on all the porches (3).  He is also washing the siding of the house.  I plan to clean the windows later this month (before the wedding shower on July 1!!).

So . . .at this moment, I'm sitting still . . .and feeling terribly guilty. . . because Mark is still working.  I'm not finished for the day . . .just resting!

Lest you think we've worked ALL weekend . . .think again.  Mark went fishing with Laura and her boyfriend, Scott, on Saturday at the farm (he did work there, too).  We went to church and Sunday School yesterday morning (and we played Bible Trivia - yes, we are adults).  Last night, we went to the home of friends for a shrimp boil . . .and drinks . . .and fun conversation . . .and lots of laughter. . . lots of laughter.

Don't think we've forgotten the real reason behind today's holiday.  We are forever grateful for those who fought for our freedom.  Even in today's wacky political climate (no matter what "side" you are on . . .there have been some wacky things!), we are thankful to live in the United States and we are thankful for our daddies and uncles who fought for freedom.

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