Sunday, May 21, 2017

Happy Hour in the Neighborhood

Friday night, our neighborhood celebrated Happy Hour in the park . . .right in front of our house - HOW CONVENIENT!!

Mark was out of town and though I am an extrovert, I have some introverted tendencies so I had to push myself to go . . and I'm glad I did, because I had fun!

I love how our whole neighborhood is multi-generational.  I spent a large part of the evening talking to folks much younger than Mark and I!  Most all of my co-workers are young adults and we hang out with young adults on Tuesday night and my very own children are young adults . . .yes, I know that I'm not a young adult . . .but I enjoy hanging with them!

Yes, I'm holding my Moscow Mule cup . . .1 1/2 ounces vodka, a whole lime squeezed into the cup, and a diet Canada Dry Ginger Ale.  Delish!!

Everyone was asked to bring their beverage(s) of choice and an appetizer to share.  I never made it to the food table so I'm not sure what all was available.  I know that someone brought chicken from Chick-Fil-A and I saw one child eating a piece of pizza!  I took hummus and pita chips and sliced cheese (cheddar, gouda, Havarti, swiss) - I literally stopped at Costco on my way home from work and then pulled out a plastic tray and arranged the food on the tray.  I didn't want to spill my drink so I wrapped it in that really sticky clear wrap . . .and though I could feel it sloshing as I walked to the pavilion, I arrived with my drink intact!

The whole neighborhood was invited but I really enjoyed talking to some of my immediate neighbors.  Susan, on the left, was the planner of the evening!  Libby, on the right, is our next door neighbor (I've told y'all about Libby before - she is the one who has Happy Hour on her front porch almost every afternoon and I think most everyone is welcome!)

The event started at 5:30 and folks trickled in after work.

Before the evening was over, we had quite a crowd.  I came into the house about 7:20 (it was supposed to be over at 7:30 and I was hot - anyone surprised?).  I think folks partied until well after 8:00.

Mrs. Lu lives across the park from us and it just so happens that Laura interned under Mrs. Lu's supervision during her senior year of college!!  She, and her classroom of pre-schoolers, just hatched chickens from eggs.  She brought the chicks out to the party and the children (and some big kids like me!) loved them.  I wonder if they are still alive today because those poor chickens were toted all over the park.  I wouldn't be surprised to find out that they were carried down the slides or maybe even cuddled while someone was swinging!!  There were lots of children playing while the parents visited.  I love the sound of happy children playing!!

I wonder if she could build a chicken coop in her backyard . . .it would have to be up to Preserve standards, of course! . . .and we could all have fresh eggs!  Wouldn't that be wonderful?  (chickens are allowed in Hoover . . .hmmm)

Happy hour in the neighborhood was a fun event!  I hope we do it again soon.

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