Tuesday, May 2, 2017

I may be late for work . . .

I may be late for work because I'm sitting at the kitchen island writing a blog post!  I have already answered some emails this morning at said kitchen island!

On Monday, I had an interaction with a non-church member that has weaseled its way into my heart - like an arrow through the heart (overly dramatic!).  I'm using silly words but truth here - I take my job seriously.  I work for the church but I also work for Jesus (yes, I know you don't have to work in a church to work for Jesus).  Words can sometimes dig so deep that you question everything about yourself.  Mark says things like, "don't take it personally!" (he is right).  On this day, I pray that every interaction I have with any person brings glory to God.

So on to more mundane things -- our sweet baby girl has been picky in her food selections lately.  I remembered buying these for our kids - evidently they didn't go over so well with sweet miss.  This Gran did make one suggestion that was good - Campbell's soup!  Things are already cut into bite sized pieces!!  Mark was with her when she was eating dinner last night and said she loved it!  (of course, that was yesterday - she might not like it today! :-)

What did we do this weekend?  On Thursday night, we had our supper club over for a taco bar and I didn't take a single picture!

On Friday night, we went to a surprise birthday party for a friend of ours.  I think her husband and daughter really surprised her!

Isn't that cake beautiful?

They  made these cute stickers for everyone to wear at the party.  I love cute ideas!!

On Saturday morning, we heard the front door open and look who came to visit.  We walked over to the park to play.  She loves to hold two things - one in each hand.

She enjoyed swinging this time!

Later in the day, we drove a few miles down the road to a local nursery to buy pine straw and some plants for our front porch.  The wash of color was amazing!

I wanted to buy one of everything!

Unbeknownst to us, as we traipsed all around on Saturday . . .we evidently had a slight stomach bug.  Mark was sick on Sunday and unable to attend church.

On Sunday morning, our friend, Kelly, preached her last sermon at her Lutheran church here in town before moving to Kentucky later this month.  I worshipped at the Lutheran church on Sunday morning.  I've been to funerals in the Lutheran church but never a Sunday morning worship service.  They did several things differently from the UMC but it is so wonderful to know that we are worshipping the same God - who loves us all.  After worship, I scurried to Trinity to teach Sunday School and then I came home and we rested.  That is not a word that is used often in the Elliott household . . .we rested and got better so that we could hit the week running.

Did you do anything fun this weekend?

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