Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Those are the biggest shrimp I've ever seen!!

As I typed the title, I thought . . .hmmm . . .I don't even think I have a picture of the shrimp!  How could that be???

Our son and daughter-in-love host a Crawfish Boil every year.  They've been gracious enough to include us . . .and I think that this year, we were good help . . .we played with Emma a good portion of the evening.  We love spending time with this sweet girl and she totally adores her pops. . .and the feeling is more than mutual.

She looked so cute in her little dress . . . and they even had a tiny Auburn chair for her to sit in.

Luke lives down the street.  Of course, Luke's parents live with him.  I want a shirt like Luke's shirt!  If you want to read about Luke's miracle birth, check out this article.

I'm not sure what face Emma is making.  She looks like . . .maybe she didn't get her way (which would be rare since pops is holding her!!)

Look at those crawfish!

I have a picture of the giant crawfish but not the giant shrimp.  I'm not a fan of crawfish, so my sweet son bought some shrimp to throw in the pot and even told me to go first in line so I could get some before the throngs descended upon the table.  Last year, he made it all so spicy that I couldn't even eat the corn and potatoes.  He cooked it just right this year!  Spicy, but not too spicy!!  The shrimp were GIGANTIC -- I had to turn my head as I broke off the top of each one before eating!!  Glenn has found a supplier of crawfish and shrimp - Red Mountain Crawfish- it is so fresh!!  I was just reading about them online - they have a relationship with the Landry family from Swamp People!


There was corn hole playing, throwing the ball for the dogs, eating, drinking of beer, lots of laughter - sounds like a perfect night!  There was even a cool breeze blowing!!

We didn't get a picture of our family on Easter Sunday this year so while everyone was together, I made them all line up (they only do this because they love me . . .or so I will shut up!!).  Laura's boyfriend, Scott, drove up from Montgomery to be with us.  I think Emma is looking at the dogs or something behind her!  I love this crew of folks!

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