Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Pack Rat Hodgepodge

1. May 17th is National Pack Rat Day. Sidebar-should we be celebrating this? Hmmm...
Who in the world came up with Pack Rat Day???  Please, oh please, tell me that Hallmark makes a card for this day!!Are you a pack rat? Even if you're not a full fledged pack rat, most people have one thing or another they struggle to part with. Tell us what's yours.
My husband and I tend to clean out and give away things.  We bought new All Clad cookware this weekend . . .and the Mr. said to me in the car, "You can buy this on one condition - that we get rid of all the junky pots and pans!"  We were out of town (will post about that another day) and we went to a Williams Sonoma outlet . . . let the heavens part and the angels sing.  It is a really good thing that we do not have a Williams Sonoma outlet nearby.  Yes, you see a ten piece set in the giant box, a waffle iron (Mark's contribution to the giant rolling cart in the store), a sack under my shoes and a sack you can't see hanging from the bar.  Yes, we took the new pots and pans into our hotel room because the parking area for the hotel had HUGE signs not to leave anything in sight in your car.  This was a significant purchase so the CPA with whom I live lugged it all into our hotel room.

Now back to the pack rat question . . .We did significant "cleaning out" when we moved to this house.  I still have lots of crafting materials . . .and I love holiday decorations so those are hard to give away.

2. What are two things you know you should know how to do, but you don't?
Fry food?  I don't know how to fry chicken!!  I really don't want to learn either.  Mark loves fried chicken so I should probably learn how . . .nah!   A lady at church gave me a recipe for fried okra (I should say instructions) and I have fried okra . . .maybe two times.  Let's see . . .what else do I not know how to do????  Stick to a budget!!  I actually CAN stick to a budget but I don't like to do so.  Thank God for Mark.

3. Do you crave sugar? Do you add sugar to your coffee and/or tea? Do you use artificial sweeteners or sugar substitutes? When dining out is dessert a given? Are you someone who has slain the sugar dragon, and if so tell us how you did it.

Since February, I've been eating very little sugar.  I'm not a coffee drinker and I can drink my tea unsweetened (or with equal - answers that artificial sweetener question).  I drink a million diet soft drinks (artificial sweetener again).  I haven't slain the sugar dragon but I've beaten him back a little.  I have found that the less sugar I eat, the less I want it.  Sugar is like alcohol or other addictive substances to me.  If I start eating it, I don't want to stop.  My thin husband (I'm not thin!) is the same way about sugar.  He loves it and can eat and eat and eat and then he has to exercise and stop eating real food to make up for the sugar!

4. What's a trend it took a while for you to come round to, but now you can't imagine living without?

I'm always the last one on the trend train!  We were slow to get on the new house/updated kitchen trend simply because our kitchen in our old house  (and the house) worked just fine.  I must admit that I love my kitchen and house now.  Of course, I have granite countertops and the world is moving on to other substances so I'm still behind!!5. What's a song that reminds you of a specific incident in your life? Please elaborate.
This is so stupid but this popped into my mind.  When I was a teenager, we would go to the roller skating rink with our church youth group.  They would play "This Magic Moment" and I would dreamily imagine skating with a handsome prince!  I think I have written about this before!

6. Insert your own random thought here.

I blogged almost every day in February (personal challenge) and I blogged every day in April (A to Z Challenge).  I blogged one day right after that because I was asked to write a post about my faith.  After that, I had to take a break.  I love writing down my thoughts but sometimes life is so incredibly busy.  Yes, I know that writing should be a priority but my faith, my job, my family, exercise . . .so many things are so important.  Do most of you have a "set" time when you blog?  Or do you just try to carve out a few moments?


  1. Enjoyed your pack-rat answer, and yes, the 60's song This Magic Moment. Great memories from that one. Regarding blogging: I have not been able to do it on a daily basis, ever. Now, I try to do a Monday blog and of course the Wednesday Hodgepodge and that's about all I can get in. I don't have a set time to do my composing except Sunday afternoon if I haven't already gotten a head start for Monday. And of course Tuesday for the Hodgepodge, but that's as regular as I can be right now. Enjoy the rest of your week.

  2. In home trends, it is hard to keep up! I forgot about my crafting supplies. They are organized, but abundant : ) Have a great day!

  3. The A to Z Challenge in April combined with your personal daily blog challenge in February would be a lot. I can see why you needed a break. I don't have a set time when I write - just when I have time. Hope you have a great week!

  4. Lisa... congrats on all those blogposts. I don't think I could do it. You deserve a break. Hope you have a wonderful week.

  5. Hi Lisa...I enjoyed reading your fun answers! And just let me say that I had a lot of fantasies every times I heard "This Magic Moment"...great song from the past! Since I started blogging, I usually posted a couple of times a week. More recently I have been sharing on Hodgepodge weekly and will occasionally write another, depending on what is happening. Enjoy the rest of your week!

  6. I have been really slacking off on my blogging since the A-Z challenge is over. I need to get motivated again.

  7. I'm stopping by from The Hodgepodge today. I enjoyed your answers.

    Believe it or not, at one time in my life, I kept up two blogs, daily. Whew, what was I thinking??? These days, I average posting on "Reflections" once a week, twice at best. My second blog has been neglected for quite some time, sadly. There just aren't enough hours in my day anymore.

    I have lots of crafting supplies and Christmas decorations. I just can't part with any of my old Christmas decorations :)

    Kathy (Reflections)

  8. thanks everyone for your comments! I know this sounds crazy but each one of your comments MADE MY DAY!

  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog today, and leaving such a sweet comment. I agree, we'd have a lot to converse about, if we could! Yes, chronic yeast (candida) is horrible, and my doctor tried several remedies, after a round of antibiotics for a UTI sent me into a full-blown yeast episode that wouldn't go away. Finally, he put me on the no sugar, no yeast diet (sugar and yeast feed the candida which grows in our intestines, but presents itself in other places, if you know what I mean). That, in addition to some good probiotics and an herbal supplement helped clear things up, but it took MANY months. Not fun!
    Kathy (Reflections)

  10. Hi Lisa, I don't know how you managed so many posts. I struggle to get two or maybe three a week! I think many of us are in the same boat regarding sugar: once we start, it's hard to stop. Maybe this can inspire us all to quit. It seems that there are so many health issues related to sugar consumption. I enjoyed your hodgepodge. Hope your week is a good one. - Judy