Monday, March 13, 2017

SO I GOOGLED . . . .

Seriously, I love google.  I use it every day.  I use it MANY times every day.  One day, I typed into the search bar, "most comfortable shoes for overweight middle-aged women with bad feet."  Seriously! I wasn't disappointed. There are lots and lots of articles and blogs about shoes.

I was thinking about my shoe collection. My shoe collection is probably much smaller than many people.  I used to have pumps of every color - some of my favorites were pink!  I actually had light and dark pink pumps!  (this was in the 80's)  I had some great shoes back then.  Now . . .now I have several pairs of tennis shoes and a pair or two or three of "fancy" dress up VERY UNCOMFORTABLE shoes . . .and I have shoes made for comfort.

Let me tell you about some of my favorites.  I don't know what I'm going to do when my Mudd white sandals totally fall apart.  I need to start googling to see if I can find some more.  These are by far my highest shoes and they are wedges and I love they way they look on my feet and they are comfortable.

The next pair of shoes is my "goldish" neutral pair of Bernie Mevs.  I have these also in black and I have an open toed pair in black.  Very comfortable shoes but neither these nor the Mudds have arch support.

The middle pair of shoes is made by Cobb Hill.  They are by far the most comfortable "dress" shoes that I have ever owned.  They have arch support.  They are cushy (that is a word, right?) and the heel is fairly low and sort of chunky.  I found these through one of my google searches and I have been very pleased.

I would wear "flip flops" every day of the year if I could . . . and I probably do wear them 300 days a year.  These are sandals made by Vionic.  I have purchased most of mine through Amazon but they are available at Belk and Zappos and other places.  I buy a minimum of two pair each year and literally wear them until they are quite shabby.  Vionic even makes fun flip flops that are more like true flip flops (with arch support!!) and they even make slippers.  The corduroy slippers below have a home under my desk at the office (and I've worn them today because it is cold!!).  I was even able to purchase booties by Vionic.

Another comfortable brand is Alegria.  I like to wear these with pants and socks.

Here are the booties and they are super duper comfortable.  I ordered mine from Zappos.

My last shoe recommendation is for boots.  I love the look of boots but I have wide calves.  So once again, I did a Google search.  Did you know that Old Navy carries wide calf boots?  They do!  They are comfortable!  They would be better with arch support but they are really great and I like them so much that I own both brown and black.  I just looked them up and right now they are on sale for $31.99!  Obviously they aren't real leather but I have worn them for two winter seasons now and love them.  Granted . . .I only wear them when it is really cold and I live in Alabama so we don't have THAT many cold days but they are great!

Is there a clothing item or a shoe item that you love?  Do you use Google as much as I do?

My feet were made for walking . . .and I need comfort!  Happy shopping!  (p.s. - none of these companies know that I'm writing about them!)

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Katie Clooney said...

Hi Lisa! I have never been a "shoe" person because I have yet to find a pair that are comfortable with the exception of my New Balance running shoes. My problem is they keep discontinuing the style that I like. Thanks for the tip on the ON boots. Have a great weekend.