Friday, March 31, 2017

Friday Five from my Fone (of course I know how to spell it but wanted it to match!!)

Yesterday I blogged about beautiful things and I mentioned this house/farm that I pass every morning on the way to work . . .in the middle of the suburbs.  Today is a gorgeous day and I stopped in the middle of the road (not a busy road and I made sure there were no cars coming!) to get a shot.  I love how the blue sky and the white picket fence and the flowering trees frame this shot!!

I can't remember when I began again but my recumbent stationary bike was in storage until sometime last fall.  We cleaned out the storage unit (I think I blogged about it!) and brought the bike home.  I kept it on the screened porch for a while and rode it some.  Then we had a party and Mark moved it into the garage . . .and then I went for a check-up and Guy (my doctor) reminded me gently (as he always does) that I need to exercise.  He probably didn't even say the words!!  Mark and Glenn moved the bike up into our loft area and I've been riding it ever since.  I got really serious about it in December.  I try to ride six days a week and I'm slowly building up my time.  I love looking at facebook or reading a book on my kindle while I ride because it makes the time pass quicker.  I've tried watching TV while riding but that is not my favorite activity.

I texted this picture to Laura (sweet daughter) one day this week and said "afternoon snack."  I did double check the picture just now to make sure that there is no private info written on my calendar!  (there is not so there is no need for you to enlarge it!)  I've been trying to make healthier food selections lately and I'm trying to mix it up so I don't get sick and tired of the same old thing.  We've always loved "stuffed celery" in our family (both growing up and now in Mark's family).  We usually use cream cheese and olives (yum!) or pimento cheese (growing up).  A wedge of laughing cow lite swiss spread onto some celery sticks is great - lots of crunch, fresh, and cheese!  I also had a Sargento string cheese (like a little kid!!).

Totally random photo of our shower.  We dry our shower every day to discourage mold growth and water spots . . .and because it just smells "wet" if we don't.  I really like using a clean towel (two) every day so since I'm going to be washing the towels anyway, I've been taking my hair towel and drying the shower with it.  I've tried a squeegee and it didn't work very well over the stones.  Any other suggestions?  I love our shower!  We've been in our house almost three years and we've never used the bathtub that is to the right of the shower!  Isn't that silly?

These invitations are last but certainly not least.  Laura is in a wedding in June and the bridesmaids are having a lingerie shower for the bride during the "pre wedding get-a-way."  I made the invitations using my silhouette and printed the inside and glued it in.  I only had to make 10 and I was really glad I was only making 10 when I got to the "lacing" up the bustier (I looked up that spelling . . .looks like it needs some more letters!!).  I told Mark that I felt like I had lost some of my fine motor skills - good grief those were tiny holes!!

I was very pleased with the final product and I heard through sweet daughter that the bride was pleased when she received hers!!

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