Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Madison and Laughter and Old (not age!) Friends

A couple of weekends ago, we met our dear friends for lunch.  They live in Nashville and we live down in Alabama . . .so we met in the middle.  I asked a question on Facebook, "where is your favorite place to eat in Huntsville, AL?"  One of my friends forwarded an email to me from her friend who lives in the area.  She gave us several recommendations and I received lots of great recommendations from friends on Facebook.  I wanted it to be an enjoyable day for Mark so one of the places suggested was Old Black Bear Brewing Company in Madison, a suburb of Huntsville.  I read several reviews and it sounded good!

The brewery is located in a small historic district directly across from the old train station.  The dining area had a wall of exposed brick and a wall with lots of windows.  For those of you who live in Birmingham, that should sound unusual to you - "the dining area" of the brewery.  This brewery serves food -- and it was good food!!  I emailed the owner and asked about their ability to serve food and brew and he sent me a great informative email about Brew Pub License and how many gallons you can make and how the license allows them to serve food.

Jan snapped this photo of Mark and Hayden and I'm so glad she did!  Hayden and Jan are the kind of friends who love to laugh and we love to laugh so it is always fun to be together.

Not only does Old Black Bear Brewing company make beer . . . they make their own ginger beer AND they make their own vodka.  Those two ingredients, along with a lime, make the perfect Moscow Mule.  I NEVER drink in the daytime (except sometimes on vacation . . .and this was a mini vacation, right??) but couldn't pass up the opportunity to try this.  It was worth it! Jan and I both had Moscow Mules while the guys tried several flights of beer.

The day was spectacular.  In February and March in Alabama, we never know what kind of weather to expect.  On this day, the skies were blue and there was a light breeze and the sun was shining.  Perfect weather for walking around the little town.

We went in most of the little shops.  I had a slight problem - almost ALL of the store owners were burning scented candles.  The shops were fairly small and the scents were overpowering to someone who has massive allergy issues.

There was a cute sweet shop and they even had chocolate covered bacon!  I love that the name is Whistle Stop and it is directly across from the old train station (which is now a restaurant).  I love the charm of the old buildings and I was so happy to see a tiny old downtown area that has been refurbished. 

Our time together was over much too quickly and they headed back to Nashville and we headed home to Birmingham.  The day was awesome - filled with food, fun, and fellowship - 3 of my favorite things! (along with a few beverages and lots of laughter!!)

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