Saturday, March 4, 2017

Come on over!

Mark and I are as opposite as night and day in many ways but we do a few things together and we do them well.  We both love to entertain and I guess you could say we have the gift of hospitality.  We hosted our supper club (we've been together since 2004!) last Saturday night and had so much fun.  I changed up my box (made by Brian) and made it look fresh and springy!  I used the Silhouette to make layered flower napkin rings and used brightly colored napkins.  I should have removed the cloth and table pads and used the chargers but I was going for a little more casual look.

Mark was so excited to prepare part of the appetizers.  He had "Wild Hog Sausage" (this means it was NOT from the grocery store) and he had a venison tenderloin (also not from the grocery store!!)

Mark does an excellent job of carving meat.

When I was going to the grocery store he asked me to buy parsley to decorate his platter (he learned that trick from his mama!!).  Isn't it a beautiful platter?

One friend brought raw veggies and dip for the non-game eaters in the group.  I'm not normally a wild game eater but I did try a piece of the sausage.  It was really good.  It is only March of 2017 and I've eaten wild game at least twice - pretty good for me!!  Mark does such a good job of cooking it - prepping from start to finish.

We were in charge of the main course and I bought a six pound rump roast at the Piggly Wiggly.  The meat market man will cut one for you if you ask!  My mother-in-law says that a larger piece of meat cooks better and she is a great cook so I follow right along!  I did marinate the roast for a few hours in Greek Salad Dressing and Mr. P's marinade and Cavender's.  When I placed it on the pan, I covered it in coarse ground black pepper and a healthy dusting of garlic salt.
Preheat the oven to 325 and cook it about 27 minutes per pound.  It was really good.  I also made tornado baked potatoes.  They were a lot of work and I'm not sure they were that much better than baked.  I did half sweet potatoes and half regular baking potatoes.  I made a mixture of equal parts of cinnamon and sugar and used that on the sweet (along with olive oil and butter) and I used salt, pepper, and parmesan cheese (along with olive oil and butter) and the regular potatoes.  I baked them at 400 for about an hour.

One supper club member brought a great cous cous salad that was so fresh tasting.  We also had green beans that were yummy and an incredible chocolate and peanut butter dessert.  Of course, no supper club would be complete without some spirits.  The guys were drinking Blanton's bourbon (and a girl or two might have consumed some!) and of course, there were other spirits available.

We laughed and talked and laughed some more.  I feel so blessed to call these folks friends - that are as close as family!!

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