Monday, March 27, 2017

A Day at Home

So my boss is out of town on spring break and I decided to take a day off today.  I was home but ended up working anyway but it was nice to be on the screened porch or sitting at my island or in the recliner while I worked!  My original plan was to clean out the pantry.  I "straightened" the pantry and threw away some out of date items but I didn't empty it and reconfigure it like I had planned.  I made a triple recipe of Pioneer Woman lasagna (try this recipe - it is THE BEST).  I hope I have enough left overs to take to work to share with our maintenance crew!!  Let me tell you that it took all morning to make the lasagna.  ALL. MORNING.  I should have known that.  I've made the recipe before.  I guess anything you triple is going to take lots of time!

I also worked on a nametag project.  I'm in charge of the sign in sheets, handouts, and name tags for our administrative board meetings each month.  Each month I've tried something a little different trying to find a more efficient way.  The space where I have a sign in table set up is a fairly tight space.  So . . . .drumroll please . . .

I bought supplies at Michael's at no expense to the church.  We have a church member who graciously donates gift cards to the church.  I used a couple of the giftcards to Michael's.  Can you tell that I was working on the porch??

My office mate today was quite chatty!  He enjoyed sitting outside, too.  I'm not supposed to sit outside at this time of year due to my allergies so I was only able to stay a little while and then I moved my work indoors.  (office mate moved indoors, too)

I LOVE having a big island.  It is great for cooking but also for wrapping presents and doing all sorts of crafty things.  These are two giant poster frames and I have glued magnets all over both of them.

The nametags have a metal clip so they stick to the magnets.

I'll space them out a little more . . .and some people didn't turn their nametags back in last month . . .but I hope this helps.  I'm going to put one board in one area and the other board in a different area.  I bought easels and I hope they are strong enough to support the boards, all the nametags, and the magnets.

So all in all I had a productive day - rode the bike, answered emails, made lasagna, cooked dinner, made my boards, did some laundry - quite productive!  I love a good day at home!

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  1. It looks like a very productive day. How nice to be able to sit out on the porch. So glad that you like "The Widower's Wife." Have a wonderful rest of the week, Lisa.