Friday, March 24, 2017

She is ONE!

It is so much fun being a grandmother - who knew???  Baby girl turned one last week and we had a fun celebration.  I tried out two new recipes (my daughter-in-law asked me to help with the food and I was thrilled to help).  I will have to share the recipes in tomorrow's post.
I made a turkey and pepper jack roll up and I made artichoke dip in "bread boats" - both were delicious.  I also made fruit kebobs.  My son made pork tenderloin sliders with Asian slaw.  I didn't have one but heard they were yummy.  My daughter-in-law was going with a gold and white theme and that gave me a reason to purchase a couple of new pieces.  I found the raised, scalloped edge square piece and the oblong piece at the Christmas Tree Shop and I also bought the gold metal two tiered stand there.  I had white dinner plates so those worked perfectly!

Our "big" gift to Emma was a pink cozy coupe.  Oh my goodness . . .Mark was pushing her around in it and she was so cute!  Glenn said that she goes and sits in it and seems to enjoy that as much or more than being pushed in it!

One of my favorite things that Lauren used for decorations was the banner on her mantle.  She printed out the "monthly" pictures of Emma and had them in order.  It is truly amazing how much a baby changes from birth to one year.

The cute family . . .I love the birthday tutu!

After sweet baby girl's baptism, I realized that there was not a single picture of me with her on that special day.  I made sure to get a picture on her first birthday.  It would be cute for us to get a picture every year with her (wonder if I will remember that!!)

Those who attended the party were mostly immediate family and a few very close friends.  I love this picture of April playing with Emma and the balloons.

I stuck my phone up in the air and snapped an overview picture.

In the years since I was a mommy of young children, they have invented the smash cake.  Riley (dog) was hoping for some cake!

Emma loved it!  She started off slowly but progressed to handfuls!  Glenn had to put on an old sweatshirt over his clothes to get her out of the high chair and she went straight to the bathtub from the high chair.  It was her party and she could bathe if she wanted to!

Laura's friend, Scott, was able to join us for the party.  Emma loves her aunt LaLa!!

In addition to the smash cake, there were cupcakes for the adults . . .shhh - don't tell but I ate ONLY the  icing and threw away the cake.  I'm sure it was tasty but I've been trying to eat healthier and I really love icing so decided to splurge ONLY on icing!  Aren't those "one" toppers cute??

Of course, we had to celebrate on Sunday with a family party at Grandmother's house.  We always celebrate birthdays on Sunday at Great Grandmother's house.

She made a pound cake (one of Glenn's favorites!) with icing for Emma.  She dipped animal crackers in chocolate to decorate the cake.  Y'all -- my mother-in-law is truly amazing.

Grandmother also made mashed potatoes and Emma loved those, too!!

Emma loved opening her presents at Grandmother's house, too!  Her great grandmother and great aunts and uncles were generous!!

Emma's first birthday weekend was filled with celebration!  She is so special to all of us and brightens our days!!

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