Thursday, March 30, 2017

beauty in the hodgepodge

I missed the deadline for linking up with the hodgepodge over on Joyce's blog but check her blog out anyway . . . I just won't link up this week.

1. 'Beauty is in the eye of the beholder'  What's something you've seen recently that you thought was beautiful?
As I was driving to work this morning, I thought that I should stop and take a picture . . and I didn't.  There is a house in Bluff Park that has a huge amount of property around it and they have a white fence all around the perimeter of the property.  They have some sort of flowering trees lining the "driveway" to their barn and it was truly breathtaking this morning!  Since I don't have a picture of that beautiful scenery from this morning, I'll show you this one.  My husband is not one of those husbands who buys flowers for me very often but every spring, he picks flowers at the farm and brings a bouquet home.  These white irises were probably planted many, many years ago.  They were lovely (and they have no scent!!).

2. Our culture and beauty...your thoughts?
I think we've always been obsessed with outward beauty.  My husband swears that ALL men look at the outward package first.  Yes, that sounds sexist but he was just being honest in conversation one day . . .and I have a feeling a lot of people feel that way.  Our magazines and movies all portray perfection in body shape, etc.  I love This Is Us for lots of reasons but one of the reasons I love it is because there are two main characters who are overweight.

3. Age before beauty, beauty queen, beauty mark, beauty sleep...which beauty-ful phrase resonates with you today? Why?
Beauty queen is on my mind because yesterday as I was cleaning out my desk drawer . . .I found this photo.  Now I'm not sure WHY this photo is in my desk drawer . . .I guess I wanted to show someone that I was a normal size.  This picture was in a portfolio when I was in the "Ironman Ski Queen" competition.  Years ago, there was a ski competition every year out at East Lake.  Skiers competed in jumping and fancy footwork.  I was first runner up in the pageant and the Ski Queen and I rode around the lake in a ski boat and waved to the crowd.

4. I read here a list of the top ten beasts animals that scare us the most-

alligators, coyotes, black bears, birds (but pigeons in particular), sharks, bats, bed bugs, rats, rattlesnakes, and the black widow spider. 

Which 'beast' on the list scares you the most? What is the liklihood of you having an actual encounter with that particular beast? Did a movie contribute to your fear of this creature? Have you ever had a real life encounter with any of the animals listed?
Do I have to pick just one????  If any of those critters came after me, I would be screaming like crazy.  I do worry about bed bugs - yuck!!  If I even think about them, I want to scratch!!  Rats are gross!!

5. Where were you when you last heard a bell ring? Was it alarming or musical?
On Tuesday night, someone's phone had a bell ring and for some unknown reason, it irritated me!  That is so silly!

6. What's your favorite carb? How's that for random?
Once again, how can I pick just one???  I LOVE potatoes - baked, mashed, boiled.  My ALL TIME FAVORITE carb would probably be French fries.  I truly love French fries.  I eat them first before I eat the hamburger.  I've been trying to make healthier choices so I bought some frozen fries at Sprouts this weekend and baked them - even they were good!!!

7. Let's wrap up another month of Hodgepodging and life with an acrostic. Recap your month using the word MARCH.
Appointments (announcements are being made about pastoral changes in the UMC)
Revealed (pastors were notified today and churches will be notified on Sunday)
Churches (hopefully are)
Happy (hope all the preachers and congregations are happy with the choices made by the bishop and cabinet)
That makes very little sense but my brain is not up for an acrostic.  I love it when I see other people's cute ones!!  I had a dentist appointment and two doctor's appointments this month so I started off with that thought and then progressed into the thoughts about the North Alabama Conference of the UMC.

8.  Insert your own random thought here.
I have HORRIBLE allergies and dust is one of my killers.  Brian (boss/leader) is out of town so I cleaned my office this week . . .and wore a mask.  I know it looks silly but I decided to be safe rather than sorry.

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